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I’ve banned myself from arguing with #alllivesmatter people or anyone who’d rather see black people in America (U.S.) die quietly.

I value myself and others too much.

Any attempt to convince them of anything diverts my (constructive) energy and also changes the narrative.

It stagnates the actual issue — multiple counts of black death with no recourse.

And at this point — given America’s history and the overwhelming statistics (killedbypolice.net)— I’m not willing to mark anyone as ignorant.

People will insult your intelligence if you allow them to.

Do not answer a fool according to his folly, or you yourself will be just like him. — Proverbs 26:4, New International Version


I cannot afford to lose years (months, weeks, days, hours) of my life, arguing with someone who could care less if I die in the streets.

I mean, I’m glad a number of us have woken up to “Columbus Day.” But look how long that took.

It’s beyond frustrating.

But these people. Yes, I said these people.

These people are not worth my energy.

And this is how I test whether the act of arguing is worth my time.

Notice: I said “act of arguing” and not “argument.”

Because the argument — this argument — is worth my life. But the person with whom I’d exchange with is not worth the diversion.

I don’t trust people who question the “or Else” more than the “Justice” in the Justice or Else slogan.

Here’s a picture of Mike Tyson (to lighten the mood):

When’s the last time you argued over something you really cared about? I mean really.

Do you determine whether you’ll argue soley based the passion or the does the person factor in too? Does it matter?

Personally, I usually only argue with people I care about — somewhat. I don’t have the time nor emotional investment to argue with strangers. Especially internet strangers. But that’s me.

Let me know your thoughts.

Also, if you’re interested solutions on what to do about this problem in the U.S.

No Arguments (19/56)

Inspired by Minister Louis Farrakhan & Father Michael Pfleger

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