You could fill books with your knowledge (right now)

Start with what you have.

Work from there.

No more Top 10 lists or shortcuts to success.

What do you know right now?

What tips and advice could you offer someone?

Do you know anyone who could use your help?

You could start solving problems for people as early as now. It doesn´t have to be a book. It could be a podcast, a website, you could call yourself a coach or a consultant.

Some people call themselves ninjas. I´ve seen it on LinkedIn.

Whatever spicens your sauce.

Don´t enable the habit of looking to others. Including me.

As entreprenuer Johnathan Fields says, “be your own guru.”

Think of peer to peer relationships as a sharing in community. There are some things I´ll have more experience in — eating plantains and quoting Coming to America lines. And there are some things you´ll have more experience in — keeping a beautiful face intact.

Either way, we share these advices as needed. It´s like networking. Everyone has something to offer.

Start with these

Confidence: You know what you know. No one can steal that. The more conviction, the better. You don´t have to be the expert. You need perspective (your story) and a little persuasion. Believe that it´s helpful.

Support: Don´t worry about people not in your corner. Don´t give attention to people who are not in attendance. This is the easiest way to disrespect the people supporting you. And the support will come. From places unexpected.

Skills & Experience: If you have lived a few years of life, there is something you can offer. Even if it´s anti-life advice of what not to do. It could be a story. Sometimes we see our triumphs and accomplishments as ordinary. We´re too close to them.

Good Health: Do it now, while your mind is sharp and your body is at it´s youngest.

Access: Your reach could be your neighborhood or Turkish people. You can decide how far you want to take it.

And that goes for all of this.

If you do become serious about writing a book and should need any assistance, shoot me an email: I´d love to help.

Trust Yourself (29/56)

Inspired by Johnathan Fields

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