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Transforming the Telco: 5G Network as a Service

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Building a Network Which is Programmable

Digital transformation is undoubtedly the challenge of this generation of Telco executives, and how well we handle it will determine the shape of the Telco industry for decades to come. Telco companies are now betting on a network as a service (NaaS) architecture. This is a massive undertaking that requires a digital transformation of the network, underlying operational and business support systems (OSS/BSS) and processes, and people.

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The transformation is a collaboration between Network and IT teams to build the future telecommunication network architecture, which is moving away from traditional physical networks supported by silos of OSS/BSS to virtualized, software-defined networks supported and orchestrated by centralized IT.

This software-driven architecture dramatically enhances speed to market through digitized and re-usable capability, enabling simpler and more flexible products to be offered to customers. This supports near real-time activation and provisioning, end-to-end order tracking, and dynamic service changes, which in some cases will reduce lead times from weeks to hours.

Why is NaaS so exciting?

Although many telco companies are implementing a different level of automation, telco companies cannot realize all the benefits unless they transform the network layer through virtualization. By transferring network functions to software and creating a catalog of open services, telco companies can use APIs to combine and provide different products and have minimal changes or reconfigurations on the network.

Just like electricity as a service, the telco industry is now preparing the capability of providing a network as a service. Photo by NASA on Unsplash

Many telco companies are working to develop and deploy NaaS capabilities as a network abstraction layer, creating a unified, standard way to publish and consume network-exposed services using TM Forum Open APIs. Network…



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5G Technology Development and Future Applications

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