Jackie’s Top Albums of 2016

When your brain says you're depressed and your music follows accordingly.

5. Temper Trap’s Thick as Thieves / Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats’ A Little Something More From

Both the albums are energetic and rousing. I can appreciate that. My son really likes the Thick as Thieves album, so we listen to it often. (Along with Twenty-One Pilots.)A Little Something More From sounds like denim on denim with a bit of moonshine and a single tear. And… I dig it.

The more I listen to Childish Gambino the more I want to add it to the list. I’m sure it’s *better* than these two, but I haven’t been in it the same way as I have Temper Trap & the Night Sweats. Let’s just say Childish Gambino’s “Awake, My Love!” might be my Honorable Mention #5.

4. Conor Oberst’s Ruminations

To most, this albums is just another Conor Oberst album; nothing new, no big deal. But for a Bright Eyes/Conor Oberst fan, this is like a Facebook update from an old friend. This is Oberst telling us, “Man. I’ve been through some shit, guys. I’ve been accused of rape, I’ve sat in court depressed and hating life, I’ve been in and out of the hospital, I’ve been isolated, I’ve been trembling my way through this album, and I hope it reaches you and you still care despite it all.” The whole album is Obest unplugged and transparent in a way that he hasn’t really been before. He isn’t singing about life and love and bullshit, in general; he’s talking about HIS life and love and bullshit. And I don’t know that he’s ever done it as beautifully as this.

3. Hannah Georgas’ For Evelyn / Lucy Dacus’ No Burden

I spent a lot of time this year stuck inside my head. Listening to Hannah Georgas and Lucy Dacus gives that same experience. I get stuck inside these albums, easily, allowing each to sing me through their anxieties, fears, thoughts, resolutions, life. This has been a rough year for me on a personal level. There was a season where nothing seemed to be able to reach me, but these cut through enough for me to be able to acknowledge their existence, and that probably says more about me than the albums but whatevs.

2. Beyoncé’s Lemonade

I didn’t really listen to the same music the guys did this year. But one thing we can agree on is Beyoncé is Queen. Beyoncé is fire And ice, yin And yang. This album (and the video) is power and resilience. And I needed a lot of that this year.

1. Judcody Limon’s Loose Ends

Judcody is a blogger friend from an old life, but his voice has always been a safe place for me to cry and rage and contemplate and ultimately come back to myself in one piece. He reminds me how to pull out the emotions and feel them, because sometimes, you just gotta do it. This little album is only 5 songs. There were times I wished it would go on forever. Then times I was grateful it ended when it did. This is my very biased #1 pick.

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