Are Scrum values also your own values?

“Accomplishing a goal depends on your openness, commitment and self-discipline. Be aware of that. Expect and demand keeping the scrum values by other.” Tomek Włodarek

As I wrote in my previous column, many developers perceive their job as manufacturing. It is hard to integrate them into scrum teams and make them keep the scrum framework. Why?

Scrum — unlike waterfall — is unconsciously building new social field and ethic based on value system. When you try to use scrum, you actually unconsciously expect that everybody automatically accept new value system. And this would be pretty challenging, wouldn’t it?

And this is the one — often overlooked — reason, why implementing scrum roles, events and scrum artifacts is not successful and why it is becoming only a pure (and poor) folklore.

Scrum values — commitment, focus, openness, respect and courage — were explicitly added to the Scrum Guide last time. When you start to deal with scrum or you are doing it without desired outcome, ask yourself whether scrum values are also your personal values and whether your team members consciously expect and demand this ethical behavior from one another.

August 2016

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