What Leadership Means To Me

“Go to a quiet and peaceful place and look at stars, and tell them what bothering you right now. Then you will realize that those stars don’t really care about it. Because leadership is not about complaining but about putting hands in the middle these stars and moving them.” Cezary Wójcik

We are so good at implementing rules because it gives us the feeling of safety and secure. Yes, boundaries are very needed and important, but they won’t guarantee that job will be done and value delivered.

Beyond the scrum rules lies the real change — in your head, the mindset change. You will start to care about product / project and team, that you are part of. You will realize what ownership means because your work will become something more that just a place to earn money, it will become place where you can transform your ideas into real world. And your work will start to be for others. That’s the purpose.

If you are working with the consciousness of purpose, your time in the office is a pure pleasure. You take responsibility for product as your comrades do, because it is something natural to do. Everything changes. Daily standups are not meetings of zombies who are reporting to Uberzombie, but a room of alignment and sync with the buddies. You are eager to give and open to receive peer to peer feedback, because you have the same goal. And the goal is not to deliver a task, backlog or feature, but working software, which is useful for other people, etc. etc. etc.

At the end of the day, if your mindset is working this way, you are eager to be more like doer, not like complainer, you are running though obstacles and bullshit and create useful things, which people expect from you and which make them happy.

No charisma, no wonderful speech, no super ego. Leadership and being a leader is a daily routine, something very ordinary, yet very useful and practical. It is leading by giving an example.

March 2016

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