Why do I invest?

I have thrown some pieces of information about this in my book, “The First Book on Value Investing” but never went into detail.

I lived in the US for almost a decade working on a visa. I loved the country, its beautiful landscape, its entrepreneurship rich population, its big hearted presidents, history and culture. There is something unique about that country, that makes it special. I know what it means to be an American. But, there is always a but :). Yeah, but, working on a visa is a modern day slavery. You can kid whatever you want, it is a leash. I pity the folks who work in the middle east on a visa, life is even harder on them. If you think I am biased or lying, ask your friends/family who work on visa. Their lives are crippled. Their dream/liberation begins at a green card. Most of them work on their visa because of only one word — hope. They hope they can cross that green card magic line.

Today, my focus is actually about another type of slavery, that is even bigger and dangerous. It is your job. It is the place where you do — “work”. Look at any survey, most people are extremely unhappy with their job. Yet, they still work and work. Many, many of them work in their jobs because they have bills to pay. Their needs increase and hence the need to make more. The pressure of family, children is an icing on the top. This modern day slavery makes people cheat, lie and do things that no one would do. The examples are too much. Touch your heart and ask that question to yourself. You may have lied to your boss about estimates. If it is not your boss, it is your customer. We do terrible things to our children, spouse, parents and even god. We all are too scared to talk the truth and be happy about it. So, when we make villains out of just the wall street folks, we are actually the best hypocrites on earth !!

Yet, there is a very small minority of people, who work on things they like. There is something common among them, which is very easy to miss. It is their freedom from money constraints. I follow a blog called Mr. Money Mustache, who teaches about financial freedom. He beautifully sums up what I wanted to say on this subject -

Freedom and Investing

I have nothing more to add. Today, I am working so hard, that I barely notice that I am working :)

Investing properly brought me to this destination and hence I do more investing :)

So do you invest?

Please follow Mr. Money Mustache. He is one of the greatest philosopher around on finance and life.