One Hand On The Wheel, One Hand On The Drumstick

Life is a heck of ride. Sometimes you’re behind the wheel, other times, you’re sitting shotgun holding the handle bar for your life. But no matter what, you have to take a hold of what life gives you and go along for the ride, no matter which position you are stuck in.

Where It All Started

Sitting in the passenger seat of Hailey’s car has been such an incident. There I am, somehow dragged along I buckled in my seat belt, checked my will, and gripped the handle bar, ready for wherever our destination laid ahead. Fortunately, it was somewhere close, Delhi Kitchen, the local Indian place nearby and we were in it to win it. By it I mean drumsticks of course. At only $1 a piece, the prices were criminal. After several close encounters in the student parking lot, we entered the public roadways and prepared to take a turn for the worse as we navigated and swerved the streets of Carmel Mountain to find the sweet, sweet parking spot only a few steps from the shop, questioning if perhaps I need to draft my will now.

The ignition key turned and finally, we were stopped. Sitting in “shotgun”, I felt like my own nervous system was shot as adrenaline coursed through my veins and my heart beat continued to beat faster than a bullet. I opened the door and what awaited me was the glorious scent of finely ground and cooked spices and herbs of India. I forgot what dreaded scene I had left and made my way into the store.

Chicken vindaloo, Veggie Korma, Samosas, and more, an adventure of tastes were in store for me. I got the plate deal and ate the delicious servings of meat and sauces. After satisfying our own cravings, we began to make our way back to the Science Department and 911 ready on speed dial, I buckled in and prepared for the bumpy ride back. We arrived back alive. My prayers had been answered. I started a new trek back into the Science Department corridors and questioned, was there more to life than this?

Life is always full of thrills and excitement. You never know what you will get and whether you will survive or not. But in this case, there was more to life, it was the fun experiences and excitement of emotions that take you from point A to B, it’s the experience of the journey that takes you to where you need to be and it’s that journey that gets you $1 chicken pieces.

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