Week 2 | 6M² Phase Bravo (Creator)

I can show you every single part in this where I thought I was totes f_ked.


After 6 weeks of hiatus, I finally gathered up the courage to pick up my pencil again.

It’s been 11 years, yet still I struggle with the thought of making a mark on the blank slate before me. Once the slightly dulled point lowers itself, touches the surface, there’s no turning back; a lone leaf falling, contact, sending small ripples across still water. Silently, but with the sudden zealous burst of the Big Bang its stagnant world is set into motion as it traces a graceful arc across the surface, leaving behind its own animated legacy, ebb and flow.

Once I put pencil to paper, its path, beautiful or wretched, will remain etched in my mind even if I manage to physically erase it. And that scares me. The finished works which make it to social media are really facades hiding hours of mistakes and failures that nobody else even sees but the creator remembers painfully.

I’m proud of creating, but the same pride that allows me to enjoy my work makes me afraid of botching it. Every time I draw a shit line or mess up an entire page I think to myself, what kind of self-respecting artist makes this crap? Yet I still do, even after 11 years of practice. I know, I’m a late bloomer.

So, today, after 6 weeks of hiatus, I finally gathered up the courage to pick up my pencil again.


Dance rehearsal!


More dance rehearsal! Besides preparing for the competition on Saturday, I also got to drill a choreo I’m working on by myself.

I watched these guys before it was cool

KINJAZ’s I See Fire. They produced it in 2014 and I’ve been waiting to do a cover of it ever since. I’ll be filming at the end of this week with a couple of friends — a little uncertain, but pretty stoked to see how it turns out.

Also, I worked on another craft project today. I’m just trying things out, but if it succeeds I’ll let you know here…


More dance rehearsal.


Guess what? More dance rehearsal.

Drew up the storyboard for the I See Fire cover — it’s the first time I’ve ever planned a video.


We had auditions for the Kpop competition today. Everyone else was good so we’re probably not getting through, but heck it’s all just for fun.

After the audition we headed back down to Scape to begin filming the second half of the video. The first half will be done next week. So far it’s looking pretty ok.