Week 3 | 6M² Phase Bravo (Creator)

Almost fell into the water 29384890 times


Filming was finished today at a spot in Bukit Batok known as ‘Little Guilin’. Of course, as with everything else in Singapore, it was pretty underwhelming (it was indeed ‘little’), but nonetheless one of the better-looking parts.

Even though there wasn't a precise storyline to the video, I wanted to complement the mood and imagery of I See Fire with the natural landscape of Little Guilin. Halfway through, the video cuts into a transition depicting a journey from Little Guilin (nature) to Scape (civilization) which represents a search for the ‘brothers’ mentioned in the song, before ending with a group performance at Scape.

Anthony mentioned that his choreography is a manifestation of the strength to face one’s difficulties and struggles head-on. My interpretation involves the additional dimension of brotherhood and speaks of drawing inspiration and strength from others.


Video editing and uploading day. See it here (Facebook) or here (Youtube) or Anthony’s original here. Thanks to those who have helped make the video happen, and everyone who has been supporting all this time!

Time for the next project.


And it’s going to be…

Definitely no walk in the park. But it’s funky so it’s fine.

Uptown Funk by Junho Lee of 1Million. It’s a completely different game from I See Fire and tiring as hell so this will be interesting!


Learned the first half of Uptown Funk today. Also, made it to two dance classes at O School.

That’s not the main point though. This week I feel like there has been a slowdown in my momentum and productivity. The old laziness is crawling back under my skin and it’s irritating. Ironically, laziness and procrastination are conditions of the self so you’d think that if it annoys you, that’d constitute enough motivation for you to tackle it.


But I’m sure everyone gets it. All of us share the intolerable foolishness of indulging in a certain poison. We know it’s killing us, but we still do it. And as with Newton’s first law, we don’t stop till an external force is applied in the opposite direction. For me, I’m losing the fight against inertia. Unlike during Phase Alpha, I’ve been spending more and more time on mindless entertainment and basically wasting away. Even though I still wake up around 0700hrs every day, the lack of a dictated morning activity allows me to wander off into doing nothing at all for half a day, just trailing through social media or floating through Youtube. Literally the old lifestyle I’m trying to leave behind.

I’m thinking that the external opposite force I need is planning. I need another specific, well-structured routine that stops myself from finding loopholes and slippery slides to jump into and basically ruining my life.