Week 5 | 6M² Phase Bravo (Creator)


Anyone’d go crazy for her.

Ok first off there are more than 4 x 7 = 28 days in most months so it’s fair to have a fifth week once in a while.

Also I just haven’t had enough time to finish all the things I wanted to do.

Above is one of those things.

Hood Go Crazy (Tech N9ne ft. 2 Chainz & B.o.B) by Sori Na from 1M. Same studio as Junho from last week’s Uptown Funk. Because I’m a delayed piece of trash back-writing this entire log on Sunday and uploading on Monday, my video of this will drop TONIGHT.


And there’s one more thing I need to finish this week.

O what I’d give to have this. Just not $300.

This sexy beast is the Nike Special Field Air Force 1. I absolutely love it, but since I’m also broke, I’ll be making my own. Army combat boots turned SF AF-1 drops Saturday.


Next week, when Phase Bravo ends, I’ll be jumping right into Phase Charlie (Explorer). If none of that sentence made sense to you, I implore you to read what the 6M² Project is about.

If you kinda understood that, then first and foremost thank you for supporting and following the project. Secondly I’ll be flying to Nepal for three weeks in exactly a week’s time.

Back to the point; I bought an adorable field chair today so that I get to sit down in the mountains.


I’ve been trying to learn Hood Go Crazy, but it’s hard. Much harder than the previous two (I See Fire/Uptown Funk) because this is in a completely different style than what I’m used to. Yes you heard right can dance doesn’t mean can reproduce any Youtube dance video to perfection just as how can draw doesn’t mean can reproduce any sliver of imagination into an image. There’s a spectrum.

But I’m loving it all the same because Sori Na. If I pull this off it’ll be a miracle.


Basically spent the entire day working on my SF AF-1 boots.


I know I made it, and I’m not supposed to publicly display my satisfaction with my work, but look at this beauty.

I mean, I guess it turned out alright.

This is how I did it. And this is the first pair. Thanks for all the love for the first video, like and share this too!


After an entire day of preparing both mentally and packing-ly, I’d say I’m glad to have postponed filming Hood Go Crazy till tomorrow, because now I’m far less stressed about the looming adventure and I think I’m in a better position to perform for the video.

Still a little apprehensive about disappearing into the mountains for three weeks though. I may come off as pretty self-assured and fearless most of the time, but in truth even I am a little daunted by the prospect of scaling 6000m in my (generally) first foray beyond a pathetic 500m altitude with effectively three to four days of prep and no targeted physical training whatsoever.

I might or might not die!

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