How to set Medium Publication on custom domain, registered on Godaddy

Medium is a hot new favourite to set up a blog for startups. We just setup our own for Promotehour here on Medium.

We wanted to setup Medium on our subdomain - and we have domain registered with Godaddy. We didn’t find any tutorial for this, so thought of writing one.

Hope it helps.

I am assuming you have already created a publication on Medium and also sent an email to the Medium support to get the CNAME records. Like this one:

When we did, we got a response from Medium in couple of hours with a email like this:

Let’s see the setup on Godaddy side

Login to Godaddy hosting panel.

  1. Go to Domain’s Menu
  2. Look for ‘Manage DNS’ option in front of the primary Domain you want to setup, in our case i was as we wanted to set it up on
  3. Now, go to CName records and click on Add CName Record

In a popup window, enter CNAME “Domain” provided by Medium in “Host” field.

E.g. In our case Cname “Domain ” was

and entered in field “Host”

In field “Points TO” just enter the CNAME “Target” record and done.

After you are done with adding CName record, you need to add all the A-records as instructed by Medium

Here is an example:

Once you are done with adding all the records, don’t forget to Save the changes.

Most importantly, you also need to delete any existing A-record which points your domain/subdomain.

You need to delete that records as it conflicts with the A-records we added in previous step. If you don’t delete existing A-record it can possible throw a 403 or 500 error.

In our case, while creating subdomain , Godaddy automatically created a A-record.

We had to delete it

Wait for a 24hrs and your domain/subdomain should be hosting Medium Publication.


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