My Life As A Super Fat Writer

Healthy is… complicated.

Shaunta Grimes recently wrote about how she hasn’t left her house in a week, and I’m here nodding all the way through her story because I can’t rightly remember the last time I left my home. Sure, I check the mail and take out the garbage, but that’s about the the extent of physical activity for most of my days.

I think the last time I officially got out of the house was on Tuesday. I had an impromptu dentist appointment for a broken filling and oral debridement. The dental appointment was one of those things that hurt so good, if you know what I mean.

It felt good to get out of the house, except that it was for dental work and I live in east Tennessee, so winter here means rain. Heavy, heavy rain.

(Apparently every season means rain but it feels a lot worse to me in winter.)

Of course, the dental appointment itself was uncomfortable too. The hygienist used a special water tool to break up plaque under the gums, and even removed cement from previous work that was causing inflammation. Nearly a week later my teeth are still pretty sensitive from the cleaning, but it feels good to have it done.

It feels like a fresh start.

And a fresh start is certainly something I need in multiple areas of my life. It isn’t fun announcing my presence as a super fat writer who weighs 400 pounds and doesn’t leave her house a whole lot.

It’s complicated because I don’t have adequate transportation down here like I did in the Twin Cities. I’ve been crazy sedentary for nearly 2-and-a-half years.

I don’t like to admit that I write so much (hello, work) that I spend most of my life in one room. Admitting that feels like some sort of embarrassing secret.

Or failing.

It isn’t fun to admit I battle food addiction and that for more than a week I’ve been eating the worst kind of junk--food that makes my body feel more sluggish. Food that gives me heartburn, so I say, “I’m not eating you tomorrow.”

Except that tomorrow comes and I totally want a sick repeat of all the unhealthy days before.

Habits, man. Addiction. Some bad habits are the worst to break.

The pits.

However, I’m excited to join Shaunta Grimes and Zach J. Payne in working on healthier habits. And I like the idea of changing our bad habits and beginning new healthy habits in only 10 minutes a day.

For me, I am making it a daily habit to take a 10-minute walk whenever I go check the mail or take out the trash. If I’m already outside, I might as well make the most of it. Plus, 10 minutes is easy to do.

Most of us can endure 10 minutes of practically anything, right?

There are other habits I’m working on too. Like getting back to healthy eating so I can use my 400-lb limit scale again. Habits like focusing on a plant-based diet, and making healthy choices a no-brainer.

I plan to write about all of that. But for today, I think committing to 10 minutes of extra movement is a good (aka manageable) fresh start.