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Jul 16 · 4 min read

While I was researching the fake news claims about concentration camps one prominent article in the Washington Post suddenly trapped me and blocked me from going forward. The alert said :

We noticed you’re browsing in private mode

Well of course I am! Except the Washington Post thinks they’re hiding the story from me until I pay! But you know, since Amazon and Jeff Bezos now owns the Washington Post which brings in nearly $800-million annually, I don’t think they’ll miss my one dollar.

Whenever I’m about to open a questionable web site I open a new PRIVATE window in the latest version of Firefox. That’s really the only way I know I’m safe from predators, stalkers and over-bloated tracker web sites. In this case, I was right. The Washington Post employs dozens of off-site predators and dumps perpetual cookies on your device!

For the story I was working on, I needed to see if the Post was spreading the same lies. So It was important to see the story. I quickly employed a little trick that usually works on such sites. It doesn’t always work, and in those cases I just close the window. It worked very well today . . .

Right-click on the page, and HOLD. You’ll see a fly-out menu from your cursor. Slide over and select “View Page Source.” If your browser and OS doesn’t produce the fly-out, you’ll have to pull down menus until you can find the command to show page source.

Next, right-click and HOLD, then slide down and select “Select All” — the entire page should get selected. Now, copy the selection.

Hopefully you have a TEXT editor on your system that will produce html documents. I use the fabulous BBEdit from Bare Bones Software, as I have since 1990, probably one of the best pieces of software ever written. So in the TEXT editor, open a new blank file and PASTE. You can do the whole operation in less time than it takes to read this article.

Now view the text file web page in your browser safely!

The arrival page will be FREE of all visual pollution, stalkers, predators, and so forth. On my system, and BBEdit, I just say “View” and it opens the file in Firefox as a new html web page. (Actually, BBEdit let me assign a key stroke to open the browser and preview the web page!) If that doesn’t work for you, SAVE THE FILE with a dot html extension. Once saved, the file can be opened in your browser as a plain web page. In some cases you can go to the file menu and say “Save as…” and save the page as html. Most I’ve seen however have already blocked your capability to save the actual page, and they save the page with the paywall in tact. Some have blocked the right-click function, so no luck with those.

Good luck and have fun. Remember this trick any time you’re about to open a web page from a questionable web site. And don’t forget that ALL of the mainstream social media, news and news media sites employ heavy-duty stalkers and predators. Many carry malware like key-loggers and ransome-ware. So it’s always a good idea to protect yourself BEFORE you even open that page or click that link.

Read my “Web Page Sucks” series! Sometimes when you suspect it’s fake news, it really is. You don’t want to pay for it!

… and thanks for reading . . .

Follow up :

Many web sites try to prevent you from surfing in private mode.

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60-Second Window

Fred Showker on design, graphics, tech and media, since 1987

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