More cookies than God

Fred Showker
Oct 8, 2018 · 5 min read

Edward Snowden’s worst nightmare — NSA ! No wait. The NSA never captured all this info, and they never shared it with everyone else in real time. OMG!

While analyzing the noise-to-content ratio of a Cnet Spam Page, we remember the last stalker/predator site we reviewed and blasted them for having more than 50 cookies!

Cnet sent me 50 of their OWN cookies along with 138 other stalkers’ cookies!

This is like Edward Snowden’s worst nightmare! Just think about it for a moment — your phone will carry these around until you actually unmount your cell phone browser. Many, many will continue to linger. On an iPhone, you may never get rid of all of them until you erase and restore. Unlike a computer browser, your cell phone doesn’t allow you to eradicate all cookies, history, cache and so forth in a single click. You’re held hostage.

Surprise! The printed list of cookies from Cnet. We’ve indicated which report directly to Cnet!

This graphic kind of speaks for itself. A print-out 56 inches long is the list of cookies. I have uploaded a complete screen capture of all the cookies so you don’t have to go look for yourself, unless you want to.

If you want a little fun, clear all your cookies, open the cookie viewer, then open a new window and visit the page. Watch as they scroll on. Some will twinkle as they change, or are replaced with new ones. You can’t do this on your cell phone. It’s all hidden and goes on in the background for every single web page you visit!

I’m asking myself what do they all mean?

I’m logging in on a computer, so the cookies on your phone may be very different. There’s one called

  • app list that I suspect sends a list of all running apps on your cel phone to your UIDd (Unique User ID) and to all their advertisers. It may contain all your apps! Then there’s one called

Good thing I cleared all cookies, history, cache and browsing before opening this page — otherwise they would have gotten all that info.

Of course, there’s the obligatory “UUID” cookie that tells everyone my “unique user ID” …. that’s the one that all the stalkers and predators will use to to know who I am.

This is starting to look like the NSA !

No wait. The NSA never captured all this info, and they never shared it with everyone else in real time. Sheesh! That’s why it was so stupid when everyone got bent out of shape over NSA capturing info — yet, there they sit, all staring at their cell phones!

With 138 cookies, we could spend the entire week trying to figure out what they are — but neither of us has time for that. Suffice it to say most are obviously working for the stalker or predator they’re named after.

The cookies also contained what appears to be reports back to all the advertisers on the page … maybe twenty or so. And by clicking those ads to track them and capture their cookie info, I’ve made Cnet a lot of money for my visit, so I don’t feel bad in the least about writing this article. I paid for it in terms of money, and their value for my identity theft. There are rumors that big data brokers will pay as much as $25 for each individual’s data dossier.

Did you access any web pages today?

Have you been to Cnet? Have you accessed any web pages or Facebook, or Google, or Instagram, or Pandora or Yahoo, New York Times, Forbes, Atlantic, Washington Post, Apple, Apple Music, Apple iTunes, AOL, Pinterest, Tumblr, or LinkedIN on your cell phone today? Sucks for you. Have you visited YouTube, Wikipedia, Reddit, Tencent, Amazon, Twitter, Sohu, Instagram, Windows Live, Yandex, Tmall, Netflix? Then it really, really sucks for you! But you cannot escape if you’ve been to Have you been to CNN, The Huffington Post, Fox News, USA TODAY, Reuters, U.S. News, POLITICO, NPR News, Los Angeles Times, NBC News, CBS News, New York Post, ABC News, New York Daily News, Breitbart News Network, Newsweek, The Denver Post, CBS Washington, Snopes, Chicago Tribune, The Onion, Newsmax, The Washington Times, Miami Herald, The Mercury News, The Seattle Times, Observer, STLtoday, Seattlepi, KTLA, Newsday, Chicago Sun-Times, ABC13 Houston, L.A. Weekly, Boston Herald, WTOP, WGN-TV, NBC New York or any of twenty thousand other news media outlets? Then it really, really sucks for you! I suspect all of these employ the same kinds of stalkers and predators. I haven’t checked them all, but I’m working on it.

Next time you’re worried about somebody getting your info, just remember this article. And if you know of anyone else (everyone) who should know about all this, just please share the link.

And thanks for reading…

Here’s the list of cookies I captured … yours may be different.

You Know Your Web Site Sucks

Who is Edward Snowden, and who is the NSA?

If you find a page that you think breaks the record for highest noise to content ratio, please send it in. You may be in line for our big annual prize!

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