You know your web page sucks if it crushes your visitor with cookies

Any web site that loads your computer or phone like this is not up to any good! You’ll want to beware and what ever you do, do not click!

If you’ve followed my web sites and writings for very long, you know we’ve had Photoshop tutorials since 1990. So the site has 15,000 links to tutorials the have mostly gone dead. So, I get this email from a blogger who suggests a ‘new’ tutorial for one of my links that had gone dead. Hey, I’ll take a look!

When I arrived on the site, I noticed my activities bar exploding at the bottom of the screen. What’s going on? The site was loading, loading, loading and negotiating with all kinds of other sites I had never heard of. I decided to peek into the cookies.

Cookies? My God, do they have the cookies!

20 or 30? The last site I reviewed had 50. How bad could it be? So I decided to do a screen of all the cookies. My God, it took forever — they scrolled and scrolled! It was 46 inches deep when I decided to stop.

I started opening them. Anywhere there’s a triangle pointer, you can click that and see all the cookies that “belong” to that entity. If you look at the whole scroll, which I’ve posted below, look down at “KXRD (dot) Net, that’s where I stopped opening them — and that’s only at “K”.

Some of these will open to reveal twenty or more sub cookies! Well, I finally gave up at the “T”s, to end up with one hundred and twenty cookies between A and T.

To make this worse, we had a really hard time capturing this because the screen kept jumping as they added new cookies every few moments. For all I know they could end up with thousands. Most of the ones we checked say they will expire at the end of the session, but many didn’t.

Who could need all those cookies?

It’s all about the money. Look at the list. They’re selling YOUR data to each of those cookies that ad purveyors have placed. I actually thought AdSense has rules against more than four per page, but they must have changed that rule since we went spam-free.

So now you know that with the GDPR, and sites now asking you for permissions to put cookies on you and share your information, this is what you’ll start getting.

I have my cookie settings to kill them all when I quit the browser. I also quite frequently will clear the cookies periodically and before any new “trackable” activity is started. I cleared everything prior to opening this site. I encourage you to go now and take a peek at your cookies folder. How many are there? Who are they? Why do they want to have their hands in your pants? You get a 300-word article, and they sell your cookie information to dozens of buyers.

It’s fairly obvious. Online publishers will do anything for a dime. So if you think Facebook is bad, take a look around! You know that web site sucks if it dumps piles of cookies on you!

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