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6block will list Filecoin!

FileCoin is 6block’s next Unicorn project, we’ve been following FileCoin’s development for years and are amazed with ther technology as well with the unique solutions it’ll bring to improve and help grow the entire blockchain industry.

6block is already running internal tests and will be ready for FileCoin’s launch, we will offer a series of options for our miners to provide them with options to mine this amazing coin.

A revolutionary blockchain project

FileCoin uses a completely new algorithm which can only be mined with CPU at the time of writing, full documentation on how to mine will be provided before launch in order to allow our miners to get ready.

FileCoin uses a very unique set of consensus algorithms called “Proof of Spacetime” and “Proof of Replication” https://filecoin.io/blog/filecoin-proof-system/

As it usually goes with revolutionary technology, there’s a learning curve involved, thankfully, there’s already an important set of documentation available for FileCoin, below are some good links to get started.




How can we mine FileCoin?

This article will be updated with more details as to how the mining process will take place at 6block for FileCoin.

Stay tuned and happy mining!




6block focuses on “Unicorn” projects in the blockchain area, providing solutions for cryptocurrency mining, including highly efficient mining programs, mining pools, hardware, cloud mining, and wallets.

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