The Plan

Hi my name is Neil and I’m the creator or the 6MWT App. I’ll be blogging about my journey specific to this project of mine. If you want to read about other projects visit my personal blog. To cut a long story short I was a nurse for about 8 years, specialised in cardiology and decided to build an app that would make my work life easier (want to know more?). I taught myself enough about coding to build a basic simple app (buggy to say the least). That is when I got hooked on designing and developing web apps. That was about 3 or 4 years ago, since then I’ve increased my skills and I’ve built more apps along the way — leaving behind my once pet project that landed me a job in the field. Now it’s time to move forward with a new plan. I want to revisit this project with the skills I’ve gained in the last 4 years and make it a better product. But how? you may ask…

The Plan

  • Design 6MWD Calculator stand alone app prototypes and put them out to the world for you to see so I can gain feedback
  • Build the 6MWD Calculator stand alone app (free)
  • Design a 6MWT PDF companion form (free)
  • Redesign the 6MWT App, share the prototypes with you all so I can gain feedback for when I re-build this thing
  • Re-build 6MWT App for iOS
  • Build an Android/Google play version of 6MWT App and 6MWD Calculator App

I guess by writing this plan down, I’ll hopefully stay committed and achieve these goals for this project. Watch this space for interactive prototypes.

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