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Shifting tides around the leaderboard in the global cloud race

  • In late Oct 2019, the finance ministers of France and Germany announced a partnership to work on a European open data infrastructure project called Gaia-X.
  • The project is intended to support a European alternative to the current set of global cloud giants based in the US and China, in a push to achieve digital sovereignty.
  • As the public-cloud market grows, market leader Amazon has been resisting erosion of its share of the pie, while the next 3 in line nibble away at the smaller players’ shares.
  • While the leaderboard hasn’t changed that much, competitive dynamics among the top 4 cloud players along with key trends such as multi-cloud and digital nationalism are putting pressure on the respective players.
  • AWS remains the one to beat, with its rivals seeking inroads from different angles.

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The source for far-reaching market shifts & what they mean.