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The source for far-reaching market shifts & what they mean

The advance of deepfakes is spurring new countermeasures

  • Deepfakes — AI-generated fake video, audio, and still images that seem real — have advanced rapidly over the past 3 years, growing in quality and requiring less source data than before.
  • Online deepfake videos have doubled from Dec 2018 to Aug 2019.
  • In recent months, two separate deepfake experts have estimated that we are less than 12 months away from “perfectly real” deepfake videos.
  • The rate of growth and prevalence of deepfake tools and services are raising concerns about identity theft, fraud and misinformation.
  • In response, there are a growing number of tech firms, startups, and government organizations working on countermeasures to address the deepfake threat.

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The source for far-reaching market shifts & what they mean.