…We Don’t All Love Technology

It is a common misconception that all young people love technology. For some reason, people over the age of forty-five look at the rest of us and think that just because we are “young” we must be obsessed with cellphones, laptops, tablets and every other iThing that comes yet. Yes, there are many people who are glued to their phones and cannot go more than 30 seconds without having to be constantly entertained by something online. But technology is not as great as it seems and here is why.

People are constantly asking for help with their devices.

During school breaks, I waitress at a local diner-style restaurant, so most of my customers are between the ages of 55 and 70. Nobody knows how to use their phones! They see me and think “dinner and free tech-support!” It’s not even like they’re asking me to help them get the new restaurant app or to download a coupon for their dinner. No, they ask questions like “How do I face-chat my grandson?” And yes, that is an actual question I was asked once. Let’s all shake our heads at the “face-chat” thing and move on to more important matters. I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO USE YOUR PHONE! And even if I did, I’m not employed by Apple. If you want me to answer your questions, I need to get paid a lot more than the $.50 tip you left me.

Everyone is so anti-social.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to get to know people when everyone is wearing headphones and staring at their cell phones? I have been in classes with the same 50 people for the past two years and I have maybe said two full sentences to about 10 of them. That’s it. How sad is that?

Nothing is private anymore.

You take a picture on your phone and suddenly it’s in “The Almighty Cloud.” And. It. Never. Goes. Away. Ever.

We have given up our freedom.

Speaking of not having privacy, let’s talk about how we have completely given up any freedom we ever had. You literally cannot do anything without fearing that it will somehow end up on the internet and be used against you. In addition to that, you are being tracked everywhere you go. We are literally living in Big Brother.

Headaches. So many headaches.

Am I the only one who gets crazy bad migraines from staring at these screens all day? Seriously. How do people do it? You go from staring at the TV for a few hours, then switch to your laptop and watch Netflix for a few hours, then go to your cellphone and update all of your statuses and spend a few more hours scrolling through profiles and Pinterest boards.

It does not even work most of the time.

Technology is supposed to be this great thing that keeps us all informed and connected, but half the time, it does not even work. Every other day it feels like I’m updating my phone and apps to try and get them to work better and every time I update, some new problem arises. That new iOS 8 update that everyone went crazy about a few weeks ago? I spent 2 hours downloading and installing that and it did absolutely nothing but slow my phone down, take up memory, download apps that still don’t work and give me a couple new wallpaper options.

Selfie is a word now.

I don’t think I need to comment further on this. We should all be ashamed that we have allowed this to become a real thing.

Well, there you have it. 7 reasons why technology is not as great as it seems. I’ll admit is has made some things easier. Google and Wikipedia are life-savers when you have to get school work done, but sometimes it’s nice to just enjoy the simpler things in life.

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