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Intelligence Is Always Work In Progress — 7 Takeaways №52

Injustice. If Only. Dogs. Email. 50 Ideas. Feelings. Change.

This marks the 52nd issue of 7 TakeAways, and completes its first full year. Thank you for tagging along! I hope it’s been entertaining, but most of all I hope it’s been thought-provoking. I know I’m enjoying it, and the structure it’s forcing me to adhere to.




7 Takeaways: Things to think about, writing you’ve not run across, things you won’t find on social media. Things without clickbait headlines, things that are worth your attention. Things to make you better informed, smarter and more thoughtful and maybe even a better person.

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Leo Notenboom

Leo Notenboom

Former software engineer at Microsoft for 18 years, now sharing my passions, answering questions & helping folks with technology. askleo.com (since 2003)

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