An entry dated July 14th, 2018 — Day 14

Today’s piece is an assignment from my coach who has challenged me to dream big and write an entry detailing what I’m up to in exactly a year. This is what I hope — and plan — to be doing by the summer of 2018. *~Sam

View of Los Angeles from the sky.

It’s been about a year since I decided to lean into my production business with more intention and the changes I’ve manifested for myself have exceeded even what I thought could be possible. It was not long ago that I couldn’t see past my after school babysitting job or less than optimal living situation, but these are the dues that one must pay along the entrepreneurial journey. Those things feel so far away when I look at where I’m at now.

Today I feel tired, but happy. Kristen and I just got back from a three month tour where we were setting up pop-up shops for our friend Tasia’s lingerie company, Flawed Fabulously. About a year ago, we took a trip to Los Angeles together to represent her brand at an art show FF sponsored and Kristen and I just built off that motivation of that trip. In the past few months, we have produced two week long activations in Los Angeles, Austin, Miami, London, and Paris where we built retail and event space centered around Tasia’s brand. We’re back in New York for the home stretch of this project and today put the final touches on the shop we’ve rented in the Lower East Side.

At each of these shops, we hosted a variety of fashion, art, and music events. We’ve coordinated everything from dance parties and runway shows to yoga classes and cocktail hours, all with emerging artists in each city. The most exciting part of all this has been coordinating and styling photoshoots in Tasia’s lingerie with local social influencers. We remember when she was running this company out of her bedroom and now we have some of the biggest fashion bloggers wearing her stuff. This work is exhausting, but it feels like one long party, so it’s never not fun. Whenever we get down on ourselves, we remember the times when we were getting paid to clean up poop. It gives us perspective and always a good laugh.

But I’ve missed my home. Before we left for this tour, Kristen and I picked up the keys to our new spot, a gorgeous two bedroom apartment in Brooklyn…with a backyard!!! We finally have the space for all the art and fun decorations we’ve collected from our travels and most importantly, our pet snake and tarantula. One day we’d love to have a cat or dog, but we travel too much for that. A friend has been dropping by monthly to make sure our pets are fed and not lonely. We’re planning a huge house warming party after this project is over. I can’t wait to get into the kitchen for two days and cook up a storm — I love feeding and hosting people in my home and now I have the space to do it.

After we do this last pop up, I’m heading out to New Mexico for a week to go hiking by myself. Since the Fall of 2014, I’ve lost 120 pounds and feel stronger than ever, so I want to go kick my own ass on a giant mountain, especially since I’ve spent the past couple months partying around the world. I need some quiet headspace too — I’m getting ready to submit a collection of personal essays to a publisher and need to complete the last few parts of it. When I get back from NM, I’ll spend a couple weeks with my family on their small farm in New Jersey. They recently purchased a few acres and have just added chickens and goats to the mix. Waking up to an omelette of fresh eggs from my mom sounds like heaven after eating for months on the road.

That’s all the quiet before the storm. Kristen and I have been inundated with requests by several fashion and music brands to produce similar pop-up events for them. We need to sit down and evaluate which one we’d like to work with next. I remember a time when I wondered if anyone would ever let me produce on their behalf. Now we have so many people asking for help that we have to turn them away. It’s a privileged position to be in and I am grateful for it.

We never rest for long. I know for certain that we are going to Tokyo in December because Kristen is turning 30 and has said since the day I met her that she wants to celebrate her birthday there. We aren’t sure if we should go just for fun or try to partner with a Japanese brand to produce a party out there, too.

So much to think about, but first we must get this NYC pop up out of the way. All I’ve ever wanted was to be able to pick up and go where ever I like, whether for business or pleasure, and now my lifestyle affords me that opportunity. Sometimes I want to pinch myself, but remind myself that it’s not necessary. I’m running a business that I love with my best friend. It’s real, it’s happening, and there is no limit to where it will go, especially since I built it myself.

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