Currently traveling with a giant bag of lingerie and craft supplies — Day 17

A photo of me in LA. Painting by Lady Beaver in Hive Gallery.

I haven’t had a lot of alone time on this trip. That’s not a bad thing. In fact, it’s been beautiful. I spent 9 days and 8 nights sleeping in a bed next to Kristen, 4 of those nights spent on an air mattress in my friend’s kitchen. We spent every god damn moment of those days together, except for a few mornings when I’d run off solo to get coffee before she woke up. For the extreme amount of time we spent up in each other’s face, which included an afternoon of me having a crying breakdown in the middle of us putting on make up to go out and some long deep convos about the tough shit in our lives, we never tied of the other’s company (I can’t speak for Kristen but I’d wager money that she feels the same. I hope.)

It’s been an interesting week. We saw Migos perform at a club in Hollywood. We met Andy Milonakis on the street. We were part of lingerie photoshoot, played dress up in a boutique in Pasadena, and got french fries at the burger spot in Compton where Suge Knight ran over and killed a guy. It was delicious (the french fries, not the murder.) We drank $4 Blue Moons at a queer fashion bdsm party, wandered through art galleries full of fucked up art, and ate goth ice cream in downtown.

We waited in a long line for the Marilyn Manson of ice cream, or so they say.

It was intense. But so much fun. And so purposeful! We spent a good amount of time discussing our future — the events business, our earning goals, where we see ourselves in a year and beyond. We asked the big question — should we move to LA? We haven’t yet decided. Everyone keeps asking me if I’m coming back to NYC. Don’t worry — I am! My type A personality is too deep seated to let go for the West Coast just yet.

But that doesn’t mean I’m not strapped in for a while ride while I’m here. Last night Kristen left to fly home so now I’m alone. I’m staying in LA til Friday to continue to soak in the atmosphere and the people here. Before she returned our rental car, she dropped me off at a girl’s house I met one time for twenty minutes at a wedding two months ago. Back in May I met this chick Sam towards the end of the reception when we were all a little drunk; she told me she lived in LA and that I could stay at her house when I came to visit. We talked for ten minutes, snapped some pics together because her name is also Sam, and when I saw her at the after party, she painted my fingernails silver at the bar. Now, I am sleeping on the sofa in the living room of the apartment she shares with three other people for the next few days. All of them are great and quirky and I feel like I’ve fallen fast into a crowd of people here I really enjoy. As I write this piece Sam is giving me a pedicure — like actually removing my current polish, cutting down my nails, and painting them red. Life is ok here.

But there have just always been people around and that takes some getting used to, especially since I like recharging my batteries alone. Over the past couple days, it’s been difficult to budget the time to sit uninterrupted to get work done. Last night I was up til 2am drinking and eating nachos with the people who live here, playing a word game I learned from my friends back in Jersey. These are the unapologetic times I live for — kicking it with locals, soaking up the tips and tricks of their land. But there is no privacy when you are staying on someone’s couch and the moments it takes to warm up to the dynamic of a stranger’s home can be awkward. It’s no sweat for me. I’ve made fast friends here and feel like where ever I go I’m in good company. Both the weather and the feels inside me are warm in California.

But I’ve been ignoring some stuff I should be doing — mainly emails, communications, doing this writing here!! This trip is showing me how protective I have to be of my time if I want to work on things that are important to me — like writing — no matter where I am. I have been thinking a lot about what commitments I’m making to my future and what kinds of decisions support that. Distractions are abound here and damn — I love to be distracted.

What am I doing out here anyway? I am out in Los Angeles because I negotiated a relationship between an artist/Instagram celebrity named Ka5sh and my friend’s lingerie brand Flawed Fabulously to sponsor the opening night of his art show at Superchief Gallery LA. Kristen flew out with me to help prepare materials to represent the business at the show. In doing so, we produced a shoot with a photographer named Taylor Washington with models wearing pieces from her line.

Brinda, Courtney, and Kristen wearing Flawed Fabulously — photo by Taylor Washington.

Then Kristen and I handmade a hundred paper peaches for the the entrance of the gallery and taped them up alongside prints of the photos from our shoot. We made the peaches on the same floor of the kitchen we were sleeping on.

The opening reception of the show erupted into a dance party beneath a massive projector screen playing a slideshow of memes and Twitter screenshots. 400, maybe 500 people came? They had to end the party early, not because people were unruly, but because so many of them showed up and the owner was getting worried about the wandering eye of the fire marshall stationed at a fancy event next door. I’ve been talking with Ka5sh since February and the plan for this show has been rolling since May. It was cool finally to meet the other people that worked on bringing this project to fruition and bask in the glow of a job well done.

Kristen, Ka5sh, and me in front of our peach wall.

I wrote an intro to the show on the wall in a paint marker while the party raged on around me. I couldn’t get a quiet minute if I paid for it.

Today my friend’s roommate took me on a beautiful walk overlooking the city and then out for dinner at a German restaurant after I spent the day catching up on a backlog of messages. I showed up to LA with only a few nights of an AirBnB booked and have been fortunate to take advantage of the kindness of people welcoming me into their homes for the rest of the time. I’m taking each day as it comes. While there is little privacy, constant change of environment, and a nagging neck pain from sleeping in weird places that are not my king size bed back home, I feel at peace. It’s been a while since I could say that.

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