🗓 Day 14 ✐ Love yourself

78 Days Practical Transurfing Based on the work of Vadim Zeland

If you don’t love yourself, no one else will, and what’s more, you will never
be happy. Any conflict between the heart and mind reflects negatively on a person’s appearance and character. Correspondingly, the shades of your
personal world will turn ever darker. Above all, love yourself, and only then
pay attention to the positive qualities of others. It is important to feel and
understand the following: pendulums force you to change, to turn away
from your heart and follow the rule that states, ‘they are better than you, so
do what they do, be like them, take your place in the matrix, be nothing
more than a cog.’ In reality, you are unique. Go inside, accept yourself as
you really are, and assert the right to be right. Then you will have something oh which you can be proud and a reason to respect yourself.

Photo by Cathal Mac an Bheatha on Unsplash

Once a person has gone a long way down the road of conforming to other
people’s standards, it is difficult for them to start suddenly loving
themselves. “How can I love myself if I don’t even like myself?” This is pure
excess potential born of inflated inner and outer importance. It is outer
importance in that you perceive someone else’s standards as the epitome of
perfection. Are you not perhaps valuing other people’s qualities too highly?
Inner importance is present in forcing yourself to follow other people’s
standards. Who says that you are any less worthy than they are? Is your
self-esteem perhaps a little too low? To love yourself, kick outer importance
off the pedestal and give up the idol worship. Who is stopping you from
setting your own standards? Let others chase after you instead! Drop your
own inner importance and let yourself go. Give yourself the luxury of
having shortcomings and focus your attention on your strengths.

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