🗓 Day 27 ✐ Chasing the Reflection

78 Days Practical Transurfing Based on the work of Vadim Zeland

How does a person usually respond when they see something manifesting
that they do not want in their life? The everyday mind tries without success to manipulate the reflection in the mirror, when in fact, it is the image itself that must be changed. The image represents the focus and quality of our
thoughts. Imagine how ridiculous it looks to see a person standing in front of a mirror trying to catch hold of the reflection so that they can create something from it. You have to tear your eyes away from the mirror and let go of the shortsighted intention to turn the world in the direction you want it to go. Purposefully send your thought forms out into the world and adopt a positive attitude. Everything will turn out just the way you want it to.

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Make an inventory of your thoughts and eliminate every occurrence of the particle ‘not’. Dissatisfaction, reluctance, rejection, disapproval, hatred, lack of belief in your own success and so on, take all this rubbish, shove it in a sack and chuck it on the rubbish heap. Your thoughts should be focused on what you like and want. Then only the good stuff will be reflected in the mirror. On the other hand, be prepared for it to take some time before you

Photo by Bekah Russom on Unsplash

begin to observe positive changes in your personal world, or for the opposite
to happen with all sorts of unpleasantness creeping in. And what of it?
These are all just a temporary inconvenience associated with ‘moving’ to a
new level of relationship with reality. As you know, the mirror works with a
delay factor. You have to hold the frame, no matter what. Quietly hold the
pause for a bit, while nothing is happening. It’s just like in the fairytale
when they say, «Don’t look back or you’ll turn to stone!» I don’t know what
on earth is going on in the mirror, but I know this, “The mirror has no
choice. Sooner or later, it will have to reflect the image I am creating in my
thoughts. As long as I stand my ground and am not tempted to look back,
the mirror will create My reality. Everything will be the way I want it to

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