How the Fashion Sorcery of Fabolous Is Inspiration For Us All! — 7AM

Fabolous must be stopped. He is just on a fashion level that no mortal man should be on and there is no way any of us can catch up. Throwbacks? Check. Sneaker game? Double check. An eggshell colored, crystal studded tuxedo jacket for NYE? You guessed it. The silk threaded sorcerer pulled it off without so much as breaking a sweat. Maddening isn’t it? Meanwhile, while the rest of us scrounge up coins in the hopes that we can afford the latest H&M designer collection, Fabolous serves as a reminder that no matter what you do, if you don’t have the juice, it won’t matter if you’re wearing Ferragamo or Fila- you won’t pull it off the way he can.

(I don’t know what to say, nice try?)

All jokes aside, I admire Fabolous, possibly more so for his ability to shape Urban Street Couture than for his musical accomplishments. Entering the rap scene in 2001, he has not only stayed relevant, but he’s evolved to become one of the voices of his generation in a culture that not too long ago, was not respected, and it’s creators dismissed as “ghetto thugs”. Far from being a one-trick pony, Fabolous has proven to have a fashion sense as witty and cutting as the bars he drops, and he does so with a quiet mystery that makes him all the more divine. While many of his contemporaries look like they’re still on the set of ‘Paid and Full’, Fab blends in and drifts out of both world, with this je ne sais quoi aura around him.

(Fellas’ please take notes!)

It is this sort of progression that is apparent through his music and even more evident through his fashion choices. In a world where the average rap career is 10 years, Fabolous is inching toward 20 years in the game, a rare feat. He is a perfect example of how letting your individuality shine through will garner much more respect than following the crowd. What I see every time I look at Fabolous, is a man of few words, who has mastered the art of letting his actions be the most attractive thing about him. In a society where we are on sensory overload, it is inspiring to see someone so sure of themselves and what they offer the world.

Sometimes when I look at Fabolous I don’t know if I should be losing my mind over him or his stylist, but regardless he is the ultimate package. I’m convinced he could rock Karl Kani and people would forget that Tupac did it first. He is just this cool, bad ass mystic, and what is more, he knows it. He leaves you wanting to know more, and makes you tilt your head and wonder, “how did he do that?” No, he’s not the most popular, nor the wealthiest, nor the finest, but he is the most unique and that’s a model for us all to follow. Not bad at all for a boy from Brooklyn, not bad indeed.

Originally published at on January 11, 2017.

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