Kehlani: It Wasn’t A First Time Thing

This topic keeps coming up and more and more. I appreciate Kehlani being brave enough to come out and tell her story. What I don’t appreciate is people ridiculing her for it.

It takes a lot of courage to confront your issues in the public eye and speak candidly about them, but what happens when someone won’t let the root of the issue be put to rest. During a recent concert, a man can be heard yelling out, “she cheated on Kyrie”, followed by the crowd chanting Kyrie. Like Whhhyyy???

No one knows what really happened between Kehlani, Party Next Door and Kyrie except the people who are suppose to know… Them. What we do know is that this girl suffers from depression, so much so, that she tried to end her own life and according to her, “It wasn’t a first time thing”. Since when do we have such a disregard for human life. Where is the empathy?

There is something to be said about people lashing out at others who are in a state of vulnerability. The phrase, “hurt people, hurt people”, comes to mind. The way to combat that is through love. Love her.

Love him.

Originally published at 7AM.

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