Obama: Simply, Unforgettable — 7AM

I really hope we ALL understand what last night meant. President Obama’s farewell speech was not the typical political spiel, filled with generic ‘thank you’s to constituents who helped elect him. Rather it was more reflective of an altar call, for all of us to take a true look intrinsically to see what we are truly made of. For all the emotions that welled up in America collectively as thousands made the trip to the political equivalent of Mecca, the McCormick Place, the event encapsulated the emotions that pulsed through my body as an 18 year old, running through the streets of Chicago, Tuesday, November 4, 2008.

That night, there were accounts of celebrities mixing with the common man, politicians who walked past the steps of the annual campaign trail, all stripped of their ego and superficial positions, mingling as unified Americans. This past election has taken us all to the precipice of no return, but last night our Commander in Chief, turned his farewell speech into a call to action, demonstrating, for the millionth time, just how great of a leader he’s been.

This was his moment, but he chose instead to make it ours, to show through example, the hallowed words of JFK, decades ago of, “…ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” If this is truly to be a home where all are welcome and appreciated, we can’t look solely at him, we individually, have to be dedicated to making whatever changes needed to build the America we want to be proud of, and he spoke to us like a loving father telling us, “this is what it is.”

Looking at the screen, the years slightly showed, but they had been kind; whereas his hair had become more seasoned with salt and pepper, the vigor was just as it was in 2008 when he implored everyone young and old to pick up our hammers and get to work! He inherited a presidency that was ladened with internal divisions, an economic tailspin, oh and let’s not forget we were still at war, but he made all of us believe that no matter what, we had the guff to persevere.

There were moments I wished he didn’t straddle the fence, especially when dealing with police brutality, but looking at his career holistically, he is the President I never dreamed I would live to see. His family was the epitome not only of Black Excellence but of what goodness and love looks like. From Michelle, to Malia and Sasha, their grandmother, and even their two dogs, they were and always will be- life goals. I feel more invigorated than I have in a while and I can promise you I will not put down my hammer now, not when my country needs me more than ever.

So to my beloved President and his beautiful family, there is only one thing on my heart left to convey, just as he serenaded us many times before, all I am left with is this, “that’s why darling it’s incredible, that someone so unforgettable thinks that I am unforgettable, too.” Thank you Sir, now and forever more, simply thank you.

Originally published at 7am.life on January 11, 2017.

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