Ronda Rousey: Suicide Crossed My Mind

Imagine staggering out of a fight; you can barely see straight. Blood is gushing from your mouth and all you can think about is ending your own life. You are now sitting in the mind of Ronda Rousey after she lost to opponent, Holly Holm.

Thinking about suicide is one thing, but actually being open to talking about it takes a brave individual. Many people are hesitant to even mutter the word, suicide, let alone confess to it crossing their mind. This is what happened when Women’s UFC fighter, Ronda Rousey, matched with Holm this past year and was defeated. She later disclosed on, The Ellen Show, that she had thoughts of killing herself, after experiencing, what she felt, was a fight that took away her purpose. What saved Rousey was having her support system, her other half Travis, by her side and understanding that her purpose, may not actually be what she thought it was.

Have similar thoughts ever visited you? If so, keep reading. We all are aware that life is not perfect and may not always go as planned, but are we aware that everything happens for a reason? I know we’ve often heard this clichéd phrase muttered time and time again, but there is a lot of truth to it. We learn our greatest lessons from our biggest failures, but you must be open to that perspective.

You are your thoughts. If something happens to you, you have to ask yourself, is this happening to me or for me. Those are two very different questions. If it’s happening for you, that means there is a lesson to be learned.

Even though Ronda lost to Holly Holm, Holly lost her title to Miesha Tate. Ronda expressed that she wanted to be the only one to beat Holm, but instead, she lost a fight and won purpose. Her new purpose, as she defines it is, being the example of picking herself up off the floor, showing the world that no one is perfect. Understand that all humans have a purpose and all things happen for a reason, even if it’s not completely clear upfront.

Suicide should no longer be a taboo subject, because it is not unusual, for people to experience these extreme thoughts at some point in their lives, you and I included. Many people are afraid to speak up, because they fear being ridiculed, judged, or talked down upon. The truth is, because she spoke up, she gave others the opportunity to listen and she may have saved a life in the process.


Here at 7am.Life we aim to educate our community. In one of Ronda’s interviews, she explains how she works with an organization called DiDi Hirsch in Los Angeles, CA. Didi Hirsch is a free mental health clinic that helps with suicide prevention and awareness. I want to challenge you, whenever you feel suicidal, to reach out to any of the following people for support:

  • Ronda’s Organization —
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Law Enforcement
  • A Counselor
  • The Suicide Prevention Hotline 1–800–273–8255
  • Or any of the online platforms that we mentioned in Kendrick Lamar’s post

Having thoughts of suicide does not mean that you have to act on them, but if it comes to the point of something you can’t shake, you should get help because, it’s there.

Contributing Writer: Antoinette Ortega

Originally published at 7AM.

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