Serena Williams: Love Your Body

Imagine paparazzi following you around on the daily or writers talking about how your body doesn’t represent standard femininity and none of this has anything to do with the latter, because your claim to fame is that you hold the number one, ranked title, in women’s singles tennis, in the world. We must ask ourselves, why is that not the focus? Serena Williams knows this reality all too well.


What is standard femininity anyway? Who sets the standard for what is feminine? Women’s Tennis Champion, Serena Williams has been highly criticized about her body image, some saying she is, “too muscular”, to be feminine. Society tends to pick and choose what body images are socially acceptable like they are the latest trends at New York Fashion Week. One week skinny is in, the next week, it’s all about the curves.


Every second of our lives, we are fed images of what is deemed acceptable through heavy media airplay. We see everything from Victoria’s Secret commercials promoting big boobs and tiny waists to social media posts suggesting that we use waist trainers to slim down to an unrealistic pants size. The real truth is, beauty is subjective. If you are healthy and happy, there is no problem.”Women face so many impossible ideals,” Williams admits to Britain’s Three Times Magazine. “It’s important for me to get across that there’s more than one way to look amazing.”

The Test of Self-Confidence

First things first, if your judgement of yourself is dictated by what society thinks of you, let’s get ready to change that, stat. Second, we are going to take a quick detour and focus on health. Are you healthy? If the answer is yes, you are in an amazing place. If the answer is no, it’s time to change up your diet. Well, how do I know if I’m healthy 7AM? 1) Make sure you’ve gotten an annual check up and 2) Let’s take a look at what you are putting in your body. Did you eat that donut yesterday? Not today! We are serious. All processed food, out for one week. What is processed, you ask? Did it grow out the ground? Processed! Get it outta here!

Don’t worry, this is not forever, it’s just for the week. Once you’ve completed the journey, you can start to incorporate some cards slowly but surely. Don’t worry, we aren’t taking it all away from you.

Ok, now let’s play devil’s advocate and say that you are eating healthy and you are still not completely happy with your body image. We now need to ask ourselves why because this is actually a self-esteem issue. Do me a favor and go look in the mirror. It’s time for some self talk. Repeat the following phrases out loud:

  1. I am beautiful just the way I am
  2. I love you unconditionally
  3. I am amazing, kind, smart and attractive
  4. I can do and be anything that I want to be
  5. I don’t need society to validate me
  6. I am absolutely and positively enough

Now say them again LOUDER. WE CAN’T HEAR YOU!

Let us know how you feel in the comments after you practiced this exercise.

Contributing Writer: Antoinette Ortega

Originally published at 7AM.

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