Pull-Up: Sound Check @ House of Dancehall

Photo by Warren (IG: @breddawarren)

Trust me when I tell you that December 2018 is going to be very memorable for the arts community in Jamaica. There will be a lot of different events to choose from, so go out and enjoy the nice part of Jamaica.

Alright, mek wi reverse di ting, reverse di ting brrrrr back to December 7. What an eventful Friday! BLXXDCLXXT! Buju Banton was released from prison and returned home after a loooong 7 years. The Grammy nominations were also released and the ‘Best Reggae Album’ category is a good look. Major congratulations to first time nominees, Etana and Protoje. I know I strayed off topic, but I had to get all of that out of my system. Now to the show.

Sound Check was held on December 7, 2018, at House of Dancehall and it was a part of the RJRGleaner Communication Group annual Kingston Music Week (December 2–8). The eventk included a music forum and a live music showcase.

The night started ,with the forum which included a panel discussion on various topics such as, music industry insights, networking and just general advice for creatives.

Photo by Abigail (IG: @heyabbihey)

The panelists:

  • DJ Stamma, curator of music events such as, The Listening Party & Bae Vibes
  • Amilcar Lewis, CEO of Backayard Magazine.
  • Jamila Pinto, Assistant to Reggae artiste, Protoje and curator of the INDIGGO Conference.
  • iotosh, upcoming independent artiste and producer, featured on TIDAL Rising

It was a fruitful, honest and informative discussion. I definitely learned a lot. Afterward, patrons mingled and got to networking while we waited for the music showcase to begin. The showcase included some of the best young talents Jamaica has to offer right now. Ras-I, Leno Banton, Blvk H3ro and the only woman on the lineup, Yeza.

Photos by Doofy (IG: @downdiroadja)

Leno Banton got the show on the road and it was Jah, Banton and his guitar on the stage. He started his set with a powerful prayer/song called ‘Mind Heart Soul’. After the reverence, came the baptism, as he connected with the ladies with ‘Wata Baby’. He closed out his set with ‘Pirates’, an unreleased song, although it was new, the audience caught the words and sang along.

Photo by Warren (IG: @breddawarren)

In comes Ras-I with some pretty skilled musicians. He got the pot bubbling with his breakout single, ‘Bad Boy Bully’. Now it was time for the seasoning, as Blvk H3ro joined him on stage for their wicked collab, ‘Mek It Grow’. The audience was very impressed by H3ro’s vocals. Trust mi! Issa big chune. Look out for it to be released soon. As Ras-I got ready to go into his next song, he called up his musical brothers, Runkus and Royal Blu to the stage. Yup, you guessed it, it was time for the pot to tun ova!

Original IG Story: @officialjazelise / IG Story Caption: @ronnia

It was time for their hit collab, Crazy Over You’. The ladies definitely lost their minds in the moment. After multiple pull ups, they eventually got through the entire song. Before you know it, H3ro and Leno were back on the stage, even iotosh joined them as well! At this point, the show just shell. Shell shell to di grung! It was an amazing experience to see all of them vibing on the same stage. Unity is strength!

Following such a high, it was time to balance out things with Yeza. She definitely got everyone’s attention with her hard-hitting lyrics and sick flow. She closed out the show with her newest single, ‘Is It Because I’m Black (Remix)’. Yeza is definitely one to look out for in the future.

It was an amazing event excluding some hiccups at the start. I left the venue feeling blessed with total confidence in the youths. The future of Jamaican music bright!