Jaz Elise & JLL Come With Good Vibes, Freedom and Love ‘For You’

My first encounter with Jaz Elise was at dancehall queen Spice’s official mixtape launch party in Kingston. Amidst all the excitement her aura stood out in a pair of denim overalls and a pineapple bun. When we were finally introduced, it came as no surprise that she was a rising artiste.

Fast forward to a week later, and one of the most creative and vibrant pieces of cover artwork began gracing my social timelines. I immediately hit up JLL to tell me more about this song, and we all soon connected in mutual appreciation and enthusiasm over the track.

You just know a star when you see one, and you know a song is good before you even hear it.

Artwork by NuWarhol

This is certainly true when it comes to Jaz Elise. For You is a feel-good anthem with a vintage feel. As soon as the riddim drops, you deh pon a different vibe and the island-born & raised songstress has the energy and vocals to carry you all the way up.

The classic reggae love song is about more just serenading a potential or current lover. It’s also a dedication to love itself, family and Jamaica.

“My mother, father, sisters, extended family have really grown and molded me into the being I am today. My parents showed me what true love looks like and it’s the love that stands the test of time — the love that cherishes and the love that perseveres in sickness and in health.

It is also paying homage to my country Jamaica where I was born and raised. I am who I am because I grew up in this country — my experiences, my style, my love for music, my entire being.

I am inspired by how I feel in the moment, any emotion I may be having and also how I feel about things I see around me. Oftentimes a melody, a phrase, a sound inspires me.
Jaz Elise

The artwork to accompany the record is equally powerful, as Jamaican artist and illustrator Nu Warhol explains his inspiration behind the cover — which includes the artiste herself and many reggae artistes from time.

@NuWarhol on his creative process for the artwork

The collaboration is the pinnacle of creativity on all levels, and is one of a few upcoming projects with Jaz Elise and JLL. The two, along with bass player Lorenzo West, came together in the studio to vibe a song idea Jaz had which eventually became For You.

“The creative process was always collaborative and exciting. It was a process of allowing feelings and vibes to take over and that has been inspirational for me. So that energy we put into the music is exactly what I want people to feel when they listen to it.”
Jaz Elise

In addition to the single being available on all major streaming platforms, there is also an official music video directed by Saaeed Thomas with choreography by Pancho and help from a few more talented creatives.

The settings begin at the songbird’s yard, where we are greeted by family photos and some Caribbean cooking, before she gets an alert to head to the studio. This carries us on a colourful adventure which includes meetups (and upful choreo) with friends and a journey through Kingston’s Jamnesia Surf Camp in Bull Bay and the art-covered walls of Wickie Wackie Skate Park before linking JLL in the studio. She does this while stylishly decked in mesh marinas, denim, purple curls, bright makeup and a brighter smile to match. Jaz’s personality and JLL’s production shine all the way through.

Pree the video below, and follow @officialjazelise on IG! Issa vibe.