King Charlz Releases Debut Album ‘Still Searching’

Meet King Charlz, upcoming recording artiste. His music can be generally described as reggae with a twist, call it reggae fusion. He got my attention with singles such as, Move On and Still Searching. These two tracks can be found on his upcoming debut album, ‘Still Searching’, which is due out today. I recently had a little chat with him about this project, early life in Jamaica and much more.

Photos by @morphromous for 7AM.

You mentioned that you’re originally from De la Vega City in Spanish Town. What can you remember about those days?

King Charlz: Well, those times were a bit simpler. I didn’t have as much worries as I do now.

Growing up in De la Vega City, my Dad was strict though. I wasn’t allowed to go hang out with the other kids my age in the neighbourhood at the time.

Eventually we moved out of De la Vega City when I started attending Kingston College.

Why did you even choose music as a career choice? You were always into music from your younger years?

My mom and all my uncles and aunts use to sing in various gospel groups at the church I use to attend as a child in De la Vega. My uncle and a few of his friends formed a barbershop quartet. Hearing them sing was where I learned the basics of harmony. When I was 8 my mom bought me a piano for my birthday. It wasn’t long until I messed around with the piano enough to actually play a few chords and eventually playing entire songs. Being able to play an instrument helps with my writing process as well.

What was school life like at Kingston College?

I attended Kingston College from 1st to 3rd form. I learned a lot about friendship while being there. Fast forward to 2014 and that’s when I moved to the US to live with my mother and sister.

School life in America was definitely a lot easier than in Jamaica. We had a lot more resources and opportunities to bring our goals and dreams to life. I attended the Miramar High School in Miramar, Florida then later on attending the Broward College (All 3 Campuses)

You did 2 years of college. What are the factors that led to you not finishing?

I did 2 years at Broward College in Fort Lauderdale studying music business and theory. Eventually I acquired the knowledge I needed to further my career in the real world and not just in a classroom. I met a few great artistes and producers while I was in college as well.

So you left Jamaica after 3rd form. Where in the States did you move to and what was it like adjusting to the American way of life? And where are you based currently?

I’m currently based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It wasn’t that hard to adjust to the “American way of life” (so to speak) but I always have to remind myself of where I’m from. I had to adjust my accent a little though so if yuh hear a Yankee accent now and then… yuh know why

You mentioned the piano earlier. Get into some of the instruments you play and how you went about learning to play.

I’ve been playing piano since I was 8. I also play the drums, guitar and bass. Piano and Drums are my strongest instruments at the moment. I grew up playing both in church but in Jamaica and in Florida.

You have been fortunate enough to work with two top class producers from Jamaica. The experienced and legendary, Bobby Digital and the young legend himself, JLL. Describe what it was like working with both.

You never know where a studio session with Bobby Digital can go. There was just so much creativity and chemistry flowing between us from the times I’ve worked with him. I got the opportunity to show him some of my new music I’ve been creating back home on my recent trip to Jamaica.

As for JLL, he definitely got the recipe with these fire works he’s been cooking up We actually hadn’t met until recently at the Jam we a Jam show at Stones Throw in Jamaica.

As you gear up to release your debut album, ‘Still Searching’.

Have you released any project/s before this? What should people look forward to from the album?

This album is actually my first body of work. We were thinking of releasing a mixtape first just to see what would happen. Eventually we decided to put out the album. I felt like an album would be more solid for my career. The whole project is a series of events that actually happened.

Lastly, what message would you like to leave with the people?

With determination you can accomplish anything you want in this life. You just have to see it, believe it and go get it!

Believe mi!

‘Still Searching’ reaches all streaming platforms at midnight!