Youth & Arts in Kingston: The Creative Capital of the Caribbean

As Leno Banton states on his project, REMSZN, there is something really special about us 90’s babies.

“This generation is really different.
It’s like a lot of creativity mashed into youth.”
Leno Banton

Jamaica is well known for our culture globally, especially our music and the arts on a whole.

Jamaican culture is definitely one of the most influential from the Caribbean region. The only tertiary level arts school in the English speaking Caribbean can be found in Kingston, Jamaica.

The Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts started off with the establishment of the School of Visual Arts in 1950. It was in 1995, where all four schools (Visual Arts, Dance, Drama and Music) were consolidated and the present name of the school came about.

Something is brewing and the youths have a lot to do with it. There has been a resurgence of live music events in and around the music city of Kingston and the visual arts scene has followed suite. Music and art belong together so this ripple effect is not surprising. From live painting being included in some of these live music shows to art shows/festivals being promoted better. The art scene in Jamaica is brewing and the youths will not be excluded. Below are just some of the youths in art looking to bring it to another level.

Monique Kidd (@kidding_art)

Monique Kidd is a 21 years old college drop out that has built her life around art.

“I see myself as a Jamaican visual artist that strives to keep in contact with my culture whether it be, old, modern or sexual. I also embrace the gimmicks that our culture naturally carries in everything we do.”

Abigail Titus (@tinysunthing)

Abigail Titus who also goes by the name ‘Tinysunthing’ is a self-taught 20 year old visual artist and digital illustrator. For a more informal means of description, she likes to refer to herself as a creator of worlds. Tinysunthing has always been an artist by nature but really started taking it seriously in 2014.

Ceejay Carpio (@ceejarts)

Ceejay is a 22 year old who views himself as a Digital Pop Artist/ Illustrator primarily, as well as a Graphic Designer. Ceejay has been doing art professionally for the last 4 years. His art style is called Modern Pop and its the definitive evolution of the famous 50’s art style Pop Art.

PaigeZombie (@paigezombie)

Paige is a 21 year old third year Visual Communication student and street artist from the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts. Majoring in Illustration and Graphic Design. His true passion towards art comes from the freedom of expression it offers.

“You are allowed to be insane with a pen and it’s okay. No one can tell you, no, that’s not right. Not like that. You can make it whatever you want it to be and if you’re lucky enough to strike gold one day, you’ll live forever through what you leave behind after your time above soil is over and you lay beneath it.”
- Paige Zombie