7Chain Partners with KOREOS Supporting Partner MEDEOS

<Ham Seok Gil, CEO of KOREOS Supporting Partner MEDEOS and Joe, CEO of 7Chain>

7Chain (Eric Moon, Hankyu Joe, Co-CEO), EOS dApp-based RNG platform, has announced on November 22nd that 7Chain has partnered with MEDEOS which is known as South Korea’s largest EOS media platform for further development of EOS ecosystem in South Korea.

The partnership with MEDEOS was the first partnership done as EOS-powered dApp company. Both companies will continue a healthy cooperative relationship including but not limited to strategic partnership and KOREOS community support for the expansion of EOS ecosystem in South Korea.

MEDEOS is South Korea’s largest EOSIO-powered blockchain-focused media that directly operates and supports non-profit community named KOREOS for EOS ecosystem in South Korea. KOREOS became South Korea’s largest EOS community by offering valuable information for EOS community even before the launching of EOS mainnet and by community support for EOS holders.

Devin Lee, founder of KOREOS community, acted as an arbitrator at the time when EOS block producer voting first began. Also, KOREOS was one of the three major communities (South Korea, China, and U.S.) that supported the launching of EOS main chain.

Regarding 7Chain’s main characteristic, transparency is maximized through the participant’s direct participation on the RNG process with blockchain-powered probability generation solution. It is expected that 7Chain will be used in lottery sectors including but not limited to apartment lotting-out, kindergarten allocation, and military post designation. Meanwhile, 7Chain is planning to popularize lottery solution through television home shopping which is expected to have high demand.

Ham Seok Gil, CEO of MEDEOS, spoke that “EOS-powered dApps have further diversified by partnering with 7Chain. We will think together about the ecosystem and direction of EOS.”

Cho Han Kyu, CEO of 7Chain, expressed his aspirations by saying that “I am really glad to partner with EOS’s most reliable partner MEOS and KOREOS. We will contribute to EOS ecosystem by popularizing 7Chain.”

Meanwhile 7Chain will be releasing detailed technical capabilities and business roadmap by consecutively hosting a developer meetup on December 5th and exclusive meetup on December 12th.