7Chain Senior Developer Interview “Community is the biggest asset of EOS”

▲ 7Chain Senior Developer, Phillip Yun

■ Please introduce yourself.

“I am Phillip Yun and I’ve been mainly focusing on developing EOS smart contract.

I used to develop mobile games, iOS applications, pc programs and others. It might be something of my own but I think I’ve been following the market trend when I look back at my past careers even when considering that I’ve been focusing on the relevant matters.

When the mobile was the thing on the market, I’ve developed a program that synchronizes contacts on the phone with a set of data. After the iPhone was released to the market, I’ve jumped into developing applications for iPhones. When the smartphone games were leading the market, I was developing games for smartphones. And now when the blockchain technology is getting attention from the market, I’ve decided to jump into blockchain-related development.”

■ You told us that 7Chain was developed with EOS. What kind of platform is EOS and why did you started focusing on EOS?

“Perhaps the biggest reason might be from the lack of alternatives besides EOS. There were numerous blockchain platforms that distinguished itself from other platforms with its fast transaction speed. However, EOS was the only blockchain project that had exact mainnet schedule. As a developer, it was very easy for me to acquire various information about EOS from Korean and global communities. Also, I was convinced from the fact that accessing and understanding EOS really easy and fast.

There were in fact negative opinions on EOS regarding decentralization issue as EOS differentiated with others with transaction speed. However, there were cases where the meaning of decentralization fades away as BitCoin and Ethereum mining facilities joined forces and took away 51% of the total shares. So it seemed more reasonable to select BPs with voting and to monitor the BPs activities with a system.”

■ What would be the difference between usual game development and blockchain development?

“It’s difficult to directly compare game with blockchain. There are few minor differences between them when we think about an example of a blockchain-powered game. First, we have to think about the elements for the blockchain, and then think about the benefits to the users brought by the blockchain technology.

The easiest approach is using blockchain’s cryptocurrency as the in-game currency. Besides, the project can make in-game items as non-fungible tokens by using blockchain technology and allow users to transact the in-game items.

7Chain approached with the probability sector. The game companies are publicly showing the probabilities for loot crates but the users distrust the companies. We thought that such distrust can be relieved if we use blockchain technology.”

■ Can you tell us more about the unique feature of EOS

“It’s been about 6 months since the launch of EOS mainnet. There were several issues but those issues were taken care of and were updated with the support from the community faster than any other platforms. I think community will become the biggest asset of EOS rather than technical issues.”

■ How do you think of EOS’s transaction fee policy?

“EOS does not charge users with transaction fee.

However, there were comments saying that it is burdensome for dApp developers regarding RAM.

Ram-related issue is not that burdensome for us at this moment as the price got stabilized recently. There were several issues regarding the lack of CPU as the number of transactions increased exponentially but this got solved as well. However, there will be technical updates as we still need to improve various details and we are now doing tests.”

■ There are opinions saying that there should be a killer-dApp for the success of blockchain project. What killer dApp will bring a cataclysm to the market?

“The rise of gambling dApps are generating huge number of transactions on the mainnet. That’s how various issues were discovered and modified accordingly.

The EOS account generation and stasking part seems like the biggest obstacle right now. Systematic adjustments are necessary and dApps are trying to solve such problems at the same time.”

■ Many games are getting successful on the EOS community. Is there a game that caught your attention as a game developer?

“EOSKNights and EOSBET are the ones that are finding issues and making progress as early-stage dApps. It’s time for a new approach rather than approaching with the method we’ve been using with traditional games.

Personally, I am looking at the updates of EOSKnights and expecting a lot from the team as I heard that they are developing a new game right now.”

■ EOS is evaluated as third-generation blockchain. However, what would be the weak points?

“The user account issue is the biggest barrier-to-entry right now as I mentioned above.

It’s not that difficult once you’ve gone through the process. However, that one time is really difficult for the general public.”