7Chain Team’s Major Activities as of December

Greetings, this is 7Chain team.

We have been continuously delivering news updates including EOS open developer meetup, independent meetup and partnerships with other partner companies. As so, we have organized the content related to 7Chain team’s various activities over the past few weeks.

1. 7Chain Meet-Up
 2. 7Chain On Media
3. Trebit Listing 
 4. Publicly opening community-driven wallet ‘7chat’

1. Hosting 7Chain Meetup Seoul

We have hosted a meetup at Spigen Hall located in Yeoksam-dong, Seoul on December 15. First, Lee Sang Seon, KOREOS founder and ex-CEO led the keynote speech, and Cho Han Kyu, Co-Founder and CEO of 7Chain, introduced 7Chain platform.

Also, the meetup showed demo video of community-driven wallet service ‘7Chat’ and carried out an airdrop event with 7Chain’s RNG technology which in result drew positive response from the participants.

2. 7Chain On Media

News about partnerships with partner companies that showed attention on 7Chain’s RNG technology were delivered to the public via media. Gaming can be considered as the area that uses RNG technology most widely, and we are expecting real outcomes from 2019. We have prepared the following news for the ones who are curious about 7Chain that has been showing its presence in the media recently.

- Chain Partners, “7Chain-EOSYS will lead the vitalization of EOS-powered game”

Chain Partners’ EOSYS is South Korea’s first EOS Block Producer and EOS blockchain-focused accelerator that develops EOS-only utility services and supports community activities. 7Chain has partnered with EOSYS to supply 7Chain’s RNG technology and carry out EOS-powered game business together.

- Nodebrick, “Collaboration between game and blockchain, 7Chain partners with Node Brick” / Eletronic Times

Nodebrick is a game development company led by CEO Shin Hwi Joon who managed ‘MU” IP-based licensing business for Chinese market and coordinated various mobile games including but not limited to ‘MU Mobile’. The company received 5 hundred million Won worth investment from Neptune and Dunamu and Partners. 7Chain will be implemented into Node Brick’s future content and the companies will exchange technologies related to blockchain-powered game development.

- STEALIEN, “7Chain partners with cybersecurity company ‘STEALIEN’” / Maeil Business Newspaper

Chanam Park, CEO of cybersecurity company ‘STEALEN’ is a white hacker who has a unique background of winning numerous Korean and global hacking competitions and being listed on Forbes 30 under 30 Asia in 2018. STEALIEN will be leading the overall cybersecurity of 7Chain project including 7Chain platform and upcoming services.

- Magnis, “7Chain partners with Magnis regarding game-focused blockchain technology” / INVEN

Magnis, a company currently working along with Dunamu’s blockchain research lab ‘Ramda256’, is developing ‘Magnet’, a game-focused platform which allows simple transfer of in-game content to blockchain without putting extra development resource. Magnis and 7Chain have decided to work together to establish a fair and transparent game culture by using RNG technology.

1. 7Chain Meet-Up
 2. 7Chain On Media
 3. Trebit Listing 
 4. Publicly opening community-driven wallet ‘7chat’

3. Trebit Listing

On December 20th, 7Chain (VII) coin was listed on Trebit which supports cryto-to-fiat exchange service. Trebit is a cryptocurrency exchange which publicly opened its service in July, 2018. The exchange has been receiving recognition from the public for its transaction stability based on top-level cybersecurity system.

4. Community-driven wallet ‘7Chat’

At 7Chain’s independent meetup, Cho Han Kyu, Co-Founder and CEO of 7Chain, revealed the demo video of ‘7Chat’ to the public. The video showed how the users can send and receive cryptocurrencies, chat with other users, use community bulletin boards, and play games on 7Chat. The demo video showed how 7Chain simply improved the existing wallet service where the users had to register their own 51-character private keys for transaction. Moreover, the video showed how the service can be connected to games. As a result, expectations regarding future applications aroused.

※ Details regarding 7Chat will be provided through a separate article.

Keep in tuned and wait for the future updates!