Connecting Scatter to EOS

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Feb 1, 2019 · 4 min read

1# The First Step Toward Navigating EOS: Creating Account
2# Connecting Scatter to EOS
3# EOS Games and Chintai, EOS Leasing Platform
4# 7Chat, the Future of EOS Wallet

※ While many EOS holders are familiar with the contents of this article, the author aims to provide a series of information on how to create EOS account and experience the dAPP for those new to the ecosystem.

Why do we need Scatter?

We need to have an authentication tool that helps log-in procedure when you have an EOS account.

(Please refer to the last article: Creating EOS Account)

There might be people who questions this by saying ‘Why don’t we log-in every time we use a service?’. Every single person should be cautious about security as each EOS account contains private key information that holds all authorities. If you register one time by using an authentication tool, you can get authenticated easily without facing the risk of hacking.

It is like a log-in authentication that pops-up when you run a mobile game.

The most widely known authentication tool is ‘Scatter’.

Scatter has PC version and Chrome web browser version. We will follow the necessary steps with Chrome web browser version which is easy to install and is less burdensome regarding the file size.

■ Let’s install Scatter (Chrome)

Run Chrome browser and press the following link.

Link : Installing Chrome Extension

Install will begin right away when you click ‘Add to Chrome’ button.

With a pop-up notification saying that the extension has been installed to your browser, a red icon will be added on the upper right corner.

You are now able to run Scatter easily at any time by pressing that icon.

Registering Key Pair on Scatter

The following screen will appear when you run Scatter. Press the icons according to the order.

(You can change the language setting by pressing the gear button located at the upper right corner of the screen)

1. Enter password for Scatter and re-enter the password for confirmation.

2. Select ‘I wrote it down’.

3. Select ‘Skip Basic Setup’.

Caution : If you forgot the password you entered previously, you must delete and reinstall Scatter.

You must understand the you haven’t fully generated and EOS account even if you made Scatter’s password.

Press Key Pair and register name and private key by pressing New button. Enter your name simply so that you can remember easily. As we have explained on the first article, there is only one public key that connects to your private key. So, enter your private key, save and the registration is complete.

Registering ID for Authentication

- Select ‘Identities’ Menu and Click Create Identity button.

- Click None section and click registered key

- Click Account Name@active or @owner shown on ① and click ‘Use Selected Account’.

※ @owner and @active means the difference in authority. @owner has almost every authority on the ownership like the word itself stands. @active is an authority required for voting, transaction and others. There are little limits for the use of services even if your register as @active.

Press Save button and You have completed all process. You have registered your EOS account on Scatter, and you are now ready to meet various services that are being developed on EOS ecosystem.

1# The First Step Toward Navigating EOS: Creating Account
2# Connecting Scatter to EOS
3# EOS Games and Chintai, EOS Leasing Platform
4# 7Chat, the Future of EOS Wallet


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