EOSYS Signs on an MOU with 7Chain to Carry Out Blockchain-powered Game Business

Executed a strategic partnership on blockchain game business in general
Carrying out joint-business on RNG technology which is patented by 7Chain

7Chain (Eric Moon, Hankyu Joe, Co-Founders) has announced on December 10th, 2018 that 7Chain has signed a strategic MOU with EOS Block Producer EOSYS to carry out EOS-powered game business.

According to the MOU, 7Chain will be offering 7Chain RNG technology to EOSYS’s services and cooperate for blockchain game business in general.

EOSYS is an EOS blockchain-focused accelerator established by Chain Partners. EOSYS was selected as South Korea’s first EOS Block Producer. EOSYS will lead the vitalization of EOS ecosystem with various activities including but not limited to service development and governance management. EOSYS develops utility services for EOS token holders including EOS wallet, cryptocurrency exchange, toolkit and others. Moreover, EOSYS assists community activities by hosting DApp festival, DApp review programs, DApp contests and others.

7Chain, a blockchain-powered probability generation platform, has maximized transparency by allowing participants to directly participate in RNG process. The technology is applicable on various sectors that use probability including game, apartment lotting-out, kindergarten allocation and others.

Kim Hong Wook, Team Leader at EOSYS, stated that “EOS blockchain technology is more expandable on game sector compared to other protocols. 7Chain team is a team that has been making various trials in blockchain-powered game sector. This partnership would contribute to the vitalization of the ecosystem with game content.”

Hankyu Joe, Co-Founder of 7Chain, emphasized that ‘It is difficult for the public to understand blockchain. However, everyone understands the game is easy-to-enjoy. 7Chain’s strength is that it can be applied to games that does not use blockchain technology”. He also showed his ambition by saying, “We will express the values held by blockchain in various games starting with the partnership with EOSYS.”

Meanwhile, 7Chain will be introducing the platform and announcing the business roadmap by hosting an exclusive meetup at Spigen Hall in Gangnam on December 12th, 2018.