Forbe’s 30 Under 30 featured STEALIEN (Chanam Park, CEO) takes responsibility for 7Chain’s cybersecurity

▲ Eric Moon(7Chain CEO) & Chanam Park(STEALIEN CEO)

Chanam Park, CEO of STEALIEN, a cybersecurity company which was listed on Forbe’s 30 Under 30 Asia 2018, partnered with 7Chain(Eric Moon, Hankyu Joe, Co-Founders of 7Chain) on December 30th.

Eric Moon and Hankyu Joe, Co-Founders of 7Chain, and Chanam Park, CEO of STEALIEN, joined the agreement ceremony and made a strategic partnership including but not limited to ▶Blockchain technology information exchange ▶ Cybersecurity consulting and solution offering ▶ Development of project-to-project business deals.

Through this partnership, STEALIEN took responsibility for cybersecurity of 7Chain project in general including 7Chain’s platform and solution, new services that are under development and others. Moreover, STEALIEN has established a capacity to expand its business through various services within 7Chain ecosystem.

Chanam Park, CEO of STEALIEN is a well-renowned white-hat hacker who began his career with winning 2005 Youth Information Security Festival. He also won several cybersecurity-related competitions and awards including but not limited to Hacking/Security Championship, 2009 Codegate International Hacking Competition, and 2009 CTF. He has established his reputation by being listed on high school textbook as a white-hat hacker for the first time in South Korea. STEALIEN received an award from the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning for contributing to the development of information security industry in 2016. The company’s major clients include SKT, KBS, LG Electronics, Kookmin Bank, and Hanhwa Investment and Securities which are major conglomerates, telecommunication companies, and financial companies in South Korea.

7Chain has maximized transparency by allowing participants to participate in the RNG process with blockchain-powered probability generation solution. 7Chain has receiving recognition from probability and lottery sector including apartment lotting-out, kindergarten allocation, and military batch placement. 7Chain has announced the overseas expansion to Japan’s gaming industry by joining JOGA for the first time as a foreign company in October, 2018.

Chanam Park, CEO of STEALIEN, stated that “7Chain is the best partner for tech company STEALIEN. We will contribute to the stable expansion of 7Chain ecosystem with various platforms including PC, HTML5 and mobile through professional experience and obfuscation technology developed upon long time commitment to hacking and cybersecurity.”

Eric Moon, Co-Founder of 7Chain, stated that “We will elevate the reliability of our technology for consumers who participate in 7Chain technology with STEALIEN’s professional experience in cybersecurity.” He also showed his commitment by saying “We will take initiative in building an ecosystem where companies and individuals all can generate and receive value including our partner STEALIEN.”