Probability Generation Platform ‘7Chain’s Successfully Hosted its First Meetup!

Announced the partnership with Korea’s largest EOS Block Producer ‘EOSYS’ for the co-development of game business.
Released a community wallet service ‘7Chat’ that connects various content for the first time
▲ Hankyu Joe, Co-Founder of 7Chain

7Chain (Eric Moon, Hankyu Joe, Co-Founders), the world’s first user-powered probability generation platform, hosted its first meetup in Korea at Spigen Hall, Gangnam, in December 12nd.

The meetup featured Lee Sang Seon, the founder of Korea’s largest EOS community ‘KOREOS’. Lee Sang Seon director referenced a report from Goldman Sachs along with his own EOS market analysis and said “Blockchain technology has entered a new transition phase where it is being accepted by large IT companies like IBM, Kakao, Line and others after its initial research phase.”

▲ Lee Sang Seon, the founder of Korea’s largest EOS community ‘KOREOS’

After that, Hankyu Joe, Co-Founder of 7Chain, introduced the philosophy and the general system of 7Chain by saying “As consumers directly participate in the probability generation process, 7Chain offers a reliable environment for both content providers and consumers.”

He also stated that “We are working with best partners so that we could concentrate on developing technology. We have partnered with Chain Partners EOSYS that acts as a Block Producer representing Korea to develop a game business. Also, Korea’s largest EOS community KOREOES has partnered with us to make an EOS ecosystem. Furthermore, STEALIEN is working with us on a private cybersecurity technology along with a Korean government organization.”

Along with the statement, community-powered wallet service ‘7Chat’ was introduced to the public through an intro video. According to the video, 7Chat offers cryptocurrency transmission wallet function, chatting function, and community bulletin board function. Also, 7Chat showed the possibility to become a platform by running a game connected to 7Chat.

▲ Showcasing a drawing process that uses 7Chain RNG technology

Especially, a prize lottery was carried out at the meetup by using 7Chain’s RNG technology and attracted people’s attention. Huge expectations were drawn as MVP that works on EOS mainnet showcased the actual blockchain-powered probability generation and recording process.