Introducing 7Chain’s Economy and Finance Advisor, Theo Freybote

Theo Freybote, formerly a Vice President of Deutsche Bank’s London Branch for Corporate Finance/M&A — Real Estate, Gaming, Lodging & Leisure, has recently joined 7Chain team as an advisor.

He has built his career at Deutsche Bank’s London branch as the Vice President for Corporate Finance/M&A — Real Estate, Gaming, Lodging & Leisure.

Theo Freybote will be offering general advice on RNG solution’s probability technology, mathematics and finance by joining as a technical advisor.

Theo Freybote is an expert who has outstanding ability applying probability in various industries with deep understanding on RNG technology as a probability expert who majored in business & finance in Germany and holds a certificate in game theory from Las Vegas. Theo Freybote has produced remarkable business accomplishments by making strategic partnerships and offering consulting to top-tier global firms while working for Deutsche Bank.

Theo Freybote’s participation in 7Chain team as a technical advisor has a special meaning for 7Chain.

This means that 7Chain RNG has become something more than just a mathematical outcome and has received recognition for its value as a B2B solution. Theo Freybote and 7Chain team is now under deep talks to accomplish a consensus on the direction of the ecosystem and how probability can become an alternative solution for industry in general.

We wish that talks with Theo Freybote would become a chance to further understand the direction which 7Chain should pursue.

What did you do before joining 7chain as an advisor?

“I have a background in finance & banking, more specifically I worked at Deutsche Bank’s corporate finance unit that advises leisure, iGaming and hospitality companies. More recently, I have turned my attention to blockchain technology with a focus on gaming and finance. When I lived in Tokyo, I saw first-hand how disruptive this technology can be and how suited it is for gaming uses cases.

Interesting career highlight: I have completed a certificate course at the University of Las Vegas on practical casino maths. My motivation was to understand the connection between game mathematics and financial performance of operators. Fascinating subject to study!”

Can you please tell us the story how you met 7Chain and decided to join them?

“The introduction to 7Chain came through a friend who suggested me as a suitable advisor given my industry expertise in iGaming. I jumped on a plane to Seoul to meet the team and was impressed by the strong work ethos and dedication to the project. Joe & Eric both explained the vision, technology, roadmap. The rest is history: We decided to team up!

Over the last months, we spent time together in Seoul, Hong Kong and Macau which gave me a great opportunity to get to know the people of 7Chain also personally.

One element that I really appreciate about 7Chain is their focus on being a B2B tech business: it allows faster scaling and exposes them to less regulatory hurdles.”

What’s the most important piece of advice you can give?

“The 7Chain-team and I spent considerable amount of time fine-tuning the token design and economics. This was especially important because the team is comprised mostly of developers and engineers. In addition, I advised on the token utility given my background in iGaming finance.”

You are knowledgeable about RNG technology: What do you think about RNGs in games?

“RNG have become a standard feature in games (= “pay 2 play” applications): All sorts of regulated and unregulated games include randomly generated events that ultimately drive game experience and monetization. The element of surprise is a powerful tool in games storytelling and thus RNGs are here to stay. If you think about it: Lottery is a randomly generated event and that’s why people have been playing and watching the draw on a weekly basis for centuries.”

Do you think what is the most talent of this 7chain team?

“The 7Chain team is an execution-powerhouse! Laser-focus on building and shipping product that can be deployed! Earlier this year, the team decided to switch from the Stellar block to the EOS and finished the migration in very short time.

I also like the fact that the team has been working together and known each other for a long time. Plus, they all have a background in the gaming space and thus know all the pain points of the industry.”

What’s your plan with 7chain team regards RNG?

In my view, 7Chain has the potential to become the go-to-platform for bringing full transparency to randomly generated outcomes. 7Chain’s RNG solution can become a powerful tool for gamers, publishers and regulators alike. We need to find a balance between working with established operators but also target novel uses cases such as random outcomes for blockchain games.