First quarter of 2022 is gone. What now?

Alexandra Claudia
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3 min readMar 30, 2022


Year 2021 is gone and it has left behind many lessons. At the end of it, when many were getting ready to celebrate, we analyzed the feedback we received from our colleagues and asked ourselves how we can improve? Can we do better? With these questions in mind we step into 2022 and put together ideas that have become the 7code strategy for 2022.

Let’s start with some lessons learned from 2021:

  1. Analyzing and implementing ideas with care is a must.
  2. Appreciate employees. There’s no business without people.
  3. Organize meaningful team building events.
  4. Accept mistakes as part of the company’s growth.

January 2022
First month, first step towards implementing a long-term strategy. We met Alessandro — our Head of Development. Together with a strong technical and managerial background he brought a different point of view on how to implement our strategy. We also met Paul — our new senior. In addition to being an immensely talented software developer, he completed the team with his soft skills (although he is working remotely). Last but not least, we managed to complete a project: Cloud of Legacy.

February 2022
The second month of 2022 was a total success! We met another talented person whom we were lucky enough to bring to our team. Welcome, Doru! Beside his love and passion for software development he likes jogging, mountain hiking and traveling. We joined the MWC Barcelona 2022 with the Romanian delegation. A lot of brilliant ideas and products along with awesome teams making them real.
The 7code team consisted of Alessandro, Nicu and Alexandra (me).
We returned home with many lessons and new ideas including:

  1. Do not run after contracts, strive to create real connections with the people you meet.
  2. Be grateful and represent your country with pride!
  3. Get to know your teammates better.
  4. Leave space in the luggage for a local bottle of wine and some local food for the entire team.
7code delegation for MWC Barcelona 2022 (Alessandro, Alexandra, Nicu)

March 2022
The month that brought spring, March. A warm, eventful month. This was the moment when our strategy began to really influence things within the company. We welcomed two more superheroes in our team, namely: Ion and Radu. Two smart people, with different hobbies and different characters, but united in passion: love for software development. Two initiatives started under the motto “Food for our bellies and food for our thoughts’’: Food Friday, where we enjoy a themed lunch together, and Workshop Friday, where one of our colleagues holds a talk about tech topics. We also updated our Welcome Kit!

We also joined an international event outside Europe and landed in Dubai where we had our CTO at the Romanian Pavilion for ExpoDubai. He, along with 37 other Romanian companies, has shown interest in expanding our business on non-EU markets. In B2B meetings, entrepreneurs spoke with representatives of emirate companies operating in various economic fields, such as: unconventional energy, green energy, energy construction, defense industry, IT & C, agriculture (food processing, irrigation systems), medical services and tourism.

This article is part of a quarterly series of 2022. Join us throughout this year to follow our journey. Stay tuned for the next quarter!