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2 min readOct 15, 2021


In the business environment, people is the most valuable tool and their well-being can ensure the success of your company. We are proud to have a young, motivated team, with vision and passion for the entire IT sector. Their satisfaction is a priority for us! Therefore, we place great emphasis on keeping the promises initially made, namely: we offer attractive salary packages and performance bonuses and we regularly organise team-building activities.

Because we know that work is not always fun, we dedicate Friday evenings to recreation and enjoying a few beers or wine from Moldova (the good one 👀) socialising and discussing serious topics (girls on the 4th floor, how good is the food on CBC, where do we party next?). Because we do not always take ourselves seriously, we take care not to forget that healthy human interaction is based on respect and trust, which is why they have been implemented as values in our company.

We see performance as a consequence of the internal environment because we promote the “culture of doing things in the wrong manner”: we encourage employees to experiment, not to be perfect, to take risks and to implement their own ideas. We have managed to build a community that promotes integrity and multiculturalism because the differences are what, in the end, make us unique and give us the opportunity to assert ourselves. We accept and embrace difference because it gives us new possibilities.

If you are an open person, passionate about IT and ready for another way of doing things (horizontally), the 7Code team is the ideal place where you can be. If you are eager to enjoy a memorable break, know that you can organise ping-pong sessions with colleagues on the terrace of the building. But, if you are one of those with iron patience, know that we also organize themed parties (Halloween party soon 💀) so keep an eye on our social networks to see how it turned out and, why not, we hope you’ll join us next time as our colleague.

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