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Ally — New iOS application for iPhone to collect and backup your amiibos with n2elite and other tags

Hi guys,

I am very excited to let you know that we have completed the app for iOS to manage your Amiibo dumps.

The app called Ally — Collect and Backup (https://ally.ninja), and it is the number one iPhone Amiibo collection app with the ability to add amiibos to your collection by simply scanning their NFC tags. The app works with n2elite/amiiqo tags so you can quickly restore your backups there.

Custom tags support is in testing at the moment, and we hope to release it very soon.

The app works offline so you can always get access to your fantastic Amiibo collection any time anywhere, while your amiibos are still at home.

The app works with 740+ amiibos, including such series like Animal Crossing, Mario, Metroid, etc.

– Owned collection with the ability to add new toys by scanning their NFC tags
– Get details of all available toys
– Global amiibo search
– Advanced filters bar, so you can search by name, game or amiibo series
– Search Amazon for the toys you want to buy
– The app also allows you to fully manage your N2 Elite and Amiiqo NFC tags
– Beautiful and user-friendly design
– The app uses CloudKit, so your data is secure and available on all your iPhones

You can learn more about the app on the official website:



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