Here’s What You Need to Know About Instagram and Snapchat’s Latest Updates

The battle for attention is getting heavy in the social media ecosystem. There have been a lot of updates this last week on social media. These platforms are getting super competitive and are pushing out massive updates to add to new features to try grow and retain their user base.

It is important for marketers, brand managers, and social media lovers to understand these new features because it is a great opportunity to gain followers and grab attention. Below is an overview of some of the updates that happened this last week on Instagram and Snapchat.


Instagram Live

Instagram released their “Live” feature. Broadcasters can see the number of people watching. They can also read comments in real time and pin their favorite comment like a footer in the image.

Viewers during an Instagram Live session can also can send love to let the broadcaster know how much they are enjoying the live session.

Instagram Live Disappears

What is unique about Instagram Live is that it does not save automatically nor does it have a save option. This has its pros and cons. This makes the behavior less formal. The post is virtually not sticky due to this as well.

Bookmarking Post

You can now save other peoples pictures by archiving the post, and only you can see it. This is super cool if you want to revisit a post. The only con here is that if the user deletes the post, it is also deleted from your archive.

Comment Likes

You can also “like” or “❤” user comments that comment on your own picture. This is a great way to keep people engaged and engage users who write awesome comments.


SnapChat has some updates this week as well.

Snapchat Groups

You can now create a group of friends, name the group, and add up to 16 people.


They’ve also announced this week a partnership with Shazaam. I am looking forward to how Shazaam and SnapChat are going to integrate and the types of features that will be created from this partnership. It has been a common theme at my company for people to post a SOTD = Song of the Day. We have been posting our SOTDs to Instagram, but might move this over to Snapchat depending on the integration.

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