Your Daily Social Media Checklist

Raise your hand if you’ve ever gotten lost in the abyss of all your social media profiles.

Yeah, us too.

We know that it’s easy to get buried by the day to day tasks of social media so we put together this simple checklist to help you (or your social media marketer) stay on the right track. Do this 2–3x daily in addition to creating valuable content for each platform and you’ll see great results.

Check Your Direct Messages

Be sure to check it daily to make sure you’re not missing out on leads. Don’t forget to check your Facebook messages, people who mentioned you on Twitter.

Tip: Instagram doesn’t notify you when you receive messages from users you don’t follow.

Check Your Ad Performance

Facebook Ads is the number one way to produce website traffic and conversions on social media. Be sure your ads are performing well everyday by checking some key stats like cost per click and cost per conversion to ensure you’re maximizing your ad budget.

Respond to Your Comments

Likes are great, but receiving comments from your audience is a sure sign that you’re doing really well in the content department. Create relationships and strengthen your brand by engaging in conversations with your fans. Oh, and don’t forget to check your mentions on Twitter.

Follow Your Followers

Go through your follower list and make sure you follow users that fall within your ideal customer profile. Engaging with your target audience will help spark conversation and connections that are way more valuable than a like or retweet. Creating relationships with your current and potential customer base will yield amazing results over time.

Make Sure Your Content Matches the Platform

You wouldn’t post a Tweet to Pinterest would you? Content is very important but context trumps all. Be sure you’re telling your story in a way that makes sense on the platform.

Tip: Infographics perform very well on Pinterest, and videos perform very well on Facebook.

Search for New Business

By using keywords relevant to your business, you can find users already interested in your product using Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook search. Be sure to start a conversation, not just spam them with your product or service.

Tip: Search your competitors, and engage with their followers.

Post, Post, Post

Posting regularly will help you stay on top of feeds and in your audience’s mind. Remember, you don’t have to be on every platform — decide which ones are best for you and focus on those.

Hint: Facebook is always a good idea.

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