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Intro to 8 Circuit Studios

Keeping up with the Joneses can be tough. I know; I’m one of ’em. But, 8 Circuit Studios wants to make it easy to keep up with us! With that in mind, we’d like to introduce our development journal. We will be posting information about development of our games and other offerings as well as introducing you to team members and providing opportunities for you to get involved, and earn some currency.

What 8 Circuit Studios Does

8 Circuit Studios is video game developer utilizing blockchain technology through Ethereum based Smart Contracts to create Smart Game Objects.

Smart Game Objects are utilized in video game environments but they exist outside the game world. This opens the possibility for these objects to be integrated into other games. The player owns and controls these objects which are uniquely identifiable, trustable, mutatable, and retain a permanent transaction record on the blockchain. Here you can find a full article on Smart Game Objects.

D-PARC, On the Bridge

D-PARC is the first game from 8 Circuit Studios and demonstrates the integration of Smart Game Objects and Fuse Arena in an immersive, beautiful and entertaining environment. Would you like to know more about D-PARC? Click here.

Through Smart Game Objects and D-PARC, 8 Circuit Studios creates a streamlined, on boarding platform to the cryptocurrency ecosystem and the future world of objects managed on the blockchain, with low risk, and through immersion in the game world. Players will experience the opportunity to truly control and own their game objects, while game developers and publishers will find a new, exciting and profitable methods to develop games, and environments.

Join Us

8 Circuit Studios is intent on launching Smart Game Objects and shepherding the discussions around creating standardizations, platforms and models for their use. Our first game, D-PARC utilizes Smart Game Objects and we are already creating partnerships for their use in other blockchain enabled games.

Would you like to join us in this journey of discovery for what games and game-worlds will look like with Smart Game Objects? Here are some ways in which you can contribute.

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We invite everyone who has played, or wants to play D-PARC to join the 8 Circuit Studios Discord channel.

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Join our Developer Community on Slack. Here we will be discussing the creation of Smart Game Objects, partnering with other game developers, and extending the platform to create a new gaming ecosystems.

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Learn More About 8 Circuit Studios

We are an experienced group of game developers, with over a century of combined experience in the video game industry. We have a passion for creating video games, telling compelling stories, and creating new models to benefit people.

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