The 8 Circuit Studios Wave 2 Token Sale

An Ecosystem of Game Development Built on Ethereum

We are excited to announce that the 8 Circuit Studios Wave 2 Token Sale will take place on October 1st, 2018 at approximately 10AM. This is only the second opportunity we have offered to purchase 8 Bit Tokens (8BT) en mass using ETH.

History: The 2017 Wave 1 Token Sale

8 Circuit Studios began developing the tools to build the game development platform and ecosystem on the Ethereum blockchain over a year ago. We performed the first 8BT sale two months after 8 Circuit Studios started and had several goals in mind at the outset:

  1. Find the innovators who shared our ecosystem-oriented vision
  2. Reward and engage Wave 1 participants
  3. Acquire capital

We successfully found those who shared our vision and we were also able to give a number of bonuses to the early participants, so goals one and two were quickly accomplished.

For the third goal, we were unsure of the amount of capital we would acquire given how new we were to the crypto-community, so this was an opportunity for us to explore what was possible in this new space. At the end of our Wave 1 Token Sale 48.786 ETH was acquired. This amount of ETH certainly wasn’t going to fund 8 Circuit Studios for into the stratosphere, but that didn’t actually matter.

There were broader implications to consider.

With the advent of distribution platforms like Steam, Green Man Gaming, GOG, crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo, and with game engines like Unity and Unreal, it has never been easier to produce, distribute, and market games at quality levels that once required large publishers with enormous budgets to fund. Now, you no longer even needed a crowdfunding platform to engage with your community and receive funding if they see value in your enterprise. For us, this has demonstrated that crypto has catalyzed a sea change in crowdfunding, but more generally, we believe it is another indicator that everything about money and financing is in the process of rapid transformation. Player Two Has Entered The Game.

So what happened to the ~49 ETH that we raised? We allocated it towards our platform to cover the gas fees on behalf of our users. We then held a “Space Drop” (AKA air drop — of which you can still participate to collect and earn 8BT’s) via our mobile game: Alien Arsenal: Battle for the Blockchain.

State of the Union

It has only been a year since the Wave 1 Token Sale, but a great deal has been accomplished at 8 Circuit Studios. We advanced our platform to develop blockchain-based games (a new announcement is coming soon), created smart contracts that allowed characters and assets to evolve on the blockchain — aka: Smart Game Objects, released D-PARC as a Pre-Alpha to get the community using this new technology and providing feedback, shipped Alien Arsenal: Battle for the Blockchain on the App Store and the Google Play Store (and provided a Space Drop of an 8 Circuit Studios’ wallet and a 8BT’s as a gift from alien visitors at the same time…if you hurry you can still get yours before the aliens’ stash of them is used up!), and gained several partnerships that are soon to be announced in the process!

Where is all this progress leading to?

Building the Metaverse One Game at a Time

All of this development, testing, and iterating is driving towards one goal: to work together with other creators and developers to construct the metaverse (think digital realities like: Ready Player One, The Matrix, Tron Legacy).

8 Circuit Studios will continue to build the tools, provide the platform, craft the games, and work with partners from our friends in the game industry who share the vision of a participating in an ecosystem capable of creating a universe of universes.

True Visionaries: Crypto-Community

While traditional gamers will play a pivotal role in the success of 8 Circuit Studios’ games, there is a select group of individuals who see things a little differently: the Crypto-Enthusiast and the Crypto-Gamer. For those of you who fall into either of these categories, you’ve been far ahead of the curve in grasping crypto-currencies as a revolutionary social technology — redefining the very nature of what money is in the 21st century. Additionally, you’ll likely have had exposure to another key component of the digital dimension: crypto-assets. While today’s assets may not offer the highest fidelity levels yet, 8 Circuit Studios aims to change that by wrapping compelling stories and gameplay around your crypto-assets that you own on the blockchain.

If you’re like most crypto-enthusiasts, by connecting the roles that blockchains, crypto-currency, and crypto-assets as a catalyzing force, you’re probably attempting to peer into the future. You’re looking to find that next big thing that will serve as the touchstone for disrupting legacy industries or capture the imagination of future generations.

We believe the metaverse is the next big thing.

Whether you find yourself approaching this new and untapped space conservatively or boldly, the choice is yours.
8BT — Unlocking Identity, Property, & Items in the Metaverse


The last time we offered an opportunity to purchase 8 Bit Tokens with Ethereum was over 14 months ago. This time, the Wave 2 Token Sale is an opportunity for industrial scale purchasers of 8 Bit tokens to use Ethereum to acquire up to five million 8BT’s without restrictions (except as defined by your local legal jurisdiction). There will be a significant price discount for mega-block purchases and other purchases of over 10,000 8BT’s (sign-up on our token sale page at to get added to our exclusive members list). Additionally, for any other participants using ETH to make purchases, your purchasing power will be 10% stronger than retail customers (and you will have no daily purchase restrictions, as retail consumers will).

Token Access

While we do want to maximize the opportunity to purchase large sums of 8BT’s, we also want to ensure that future gamers and developers will have access to 8BT’s through the more convenient method of credit card purchases. We intend for our 8BT’s to be the bridge between the crypto world and the gaming world. For that reason, we are offering a total of five million 8BT’s for this token sale. The quantity and availability of the tokens is scheduled to drop by 50% for each subsequent 8BT Sale. After each sale we will assess the response, available features and assets offered by the games and network of developers, and economic forces to determine the next price.

8BT: For Gamers and Developers

For Gamers

If you’re a gamer, you’ll easily understand how 8 Bit Tokens work as they work similar to other digital currencies you’ve used before. You buy 8BT’s and use them to purchase in-game assets. However, thanks to the power of the blockchain, these assets exist not only in the games we and our network of partners have developed, but they also exist on the blockchain …forever — which means they are yours for as long as you hold the private keys to them. Digital sovereignty and digital in-perpetuity at your fingertips.

The “how to’s” of 8 Bit Tokens

For Developers

If you’re a developer, 8BT’s will offer your customers and community a way to get your digital assets and build your own in-game currency. You’ll now have the power of a publisher in a few simple steps.

For the Crypto Community

If you’re a part of the crypto-community, these kinds of subjects are probably concepts you’re already teaching to others. If you’re new to the space, never fear — 8 Circuit Studios is focused on making crypto easy and fun. We will provide you a wallet and ensure that you don’t have to worry about 3rd party plugins to use the 8BT’s or the digital assets you acquire.

In Conclusion

Be the First to Own a Piece of the Metaverse Today

Since 8BT’s are your key to acquiring and using assets in the metaverse, you can leverage them to stake a claim to the digital material that will make up the realities you’ll inhabit there. Whether you find yourself approaching this new and untapped space conservatively or boldly, the choice is yours.

Visit our our token sale site sign up for the latest information on how to participate in the 8 Bit Token Wave 2 Token Sale.

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